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File extensions used for bitmap images and raster graphics files

List of common bitmap images

Bitmap image file extension list

File extensions used for bitmap images and raster graphics files.

Bitmap, raster graphics file formats are generally photo or picture images consisting of pixels in a grid. Each pixel in the image contains information about the color to be displayed.
Bitmap images have a fixed resolution and cannot be resized without losing image quality. Most known bitmap-based formats are e.g. JPG, (JPEG), GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP (bitmap images), DJVU and many others. Professional photographers use RAW image file formats. Most bitmap images can be converted to other bitmap-based formats very easily by many graphics converters and viewers. Bitmap images tend to have much large file sizes than vector graphics and they are often compressed to reduce their size.

Although many graphics formats are bitmap-based, this file extension list doesn't contain all possible file types that using raster graphics, but is limited mainly to bitmaps without any other graphics and DTP content (layers, texts, efects, vector graphics, objects, page layout etc.). More complex graphics file types are stored separately in Graphics, DTP file types or Vector graphic file types categories.

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jpg file icon file extension jpgJPEG bitmap image format
 file extension jpg-largeTwitter JPEG picture
png file icon file extension pngPortable Network Graphic
 file extension qmgSamsung theme picture image - qmage file format
 file extension jpg_128x96Android picture
 file extension picPicture image
jp2 file icon file extension jp2JPEG 2000 (ISO 15444-1) picture
 file extension exrOpenEXR Image Format
 file extension jxrJPEG XR image
ecw file icon file extension ecwEnhanced Compressed Wavelet image format
cal file icon file extension calCALS Raster image
dcm file icon file extension dcmDicom medicine image file format
 file extension jpg_160x120Android picture
 file extension gif~c200Graphics Interchange Format
 file extension jpg-originalJPEG picture image
cam file icon file extension camCasio QV digital CAMera image
 file extension cptCorel PHOTO-PAINT bitmap file
 file extension igoInstagram JPEG picture image
bmp file icon file extension bmpStandard Windows bitmap image
emf file icon file extension emfEnhanced Windows Metafile picture
jpeg file icon file extension jpegJPEG bitmap image format
 file extension thumbJAlbum thumbnail
psd file icon file extension psdAdobe Photoshop graphics file
 file extension 00_jpg_srzWix compressed picture image
 file extension png-largeTweetDeck png image
 file extension lsmZiess LSM microscope image
 file extension mpoCIPA Multi-Picture format
 file extension webpGoogle image file format
 file extension riffResource Interchange File Format bitmap image
tiff file icon file extension tiffAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
 file extension jpg_320x240Android picture
ico file icon file extension icoIcon image
gif file icon file extension gifGraphics interchange file format
 file extension spfStill Picture Interchange File Format
 file extension igeErdas Imagine Large Raster Spill file
 file extension clgxCollage Maker collage
 file extension mixMicrosoft PhotoDraw image
dip file icon file extension dipWindows bitmap format
tif file icon file extension tifAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
hpi file icon file extension hpiHemera Photo Image format
 file extension snagSnagIt captured image
 file extension ddbDevice dependent bitmap graphics file
 file extension nd2Nikon NIS-Elements ND2 image
 file extension tnLG encoded JPG image
 file extension scpColoRIX bitmap image
cpd file icon file extension cpdCorelDRAW Corel PrintOffice drawing
 file extension jpg_160x128Android picture
als file icon file extension alsAlias image
 file extension bm2Subspace/Continuum bitmap graphic
 file extension rawDigital camera photo RAW image format
 file extension jpgCompactDRAW e-JPG graphic
 file extension bipArcView band interleaved by pixel image
jpf file icon file extension jpfJPEG 2000 extended image format (ISO 15444-2)
 file extension lfsSamsung test picture image
paint file icon file extension paintApple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap file
tnl file icon file extension tnlThumbnail image format
tn3 file icon file extension tn3Tiny bitmap image
pictclipping file icon file extension pictclippingPicture Clipping data
cel file icon file extension celLumena CEL bitmap image
ppm file icon file extension ppmPortable pixelmap graphic
psp file icon file extension pspCorel PaintShop Photo Pro image
 file extension vpeAdobe Photoshop Extended vanishing point
 file extension pdnPaint.NET picture format
 file extension upfNokia Phone digital photo
 file extension accountpicture-msMicrosoft Windows account picture
 file extension cg4CALS Group IV bitmap graphics
jpe file icon file extension jpeJPEG bitmap image format
 file extension 00_png_srzWix Portable Network Graphic image
 file extension cphCorel Print House printing project
 file extension imSunOS grey scale bitmap picture
 file extension jfxJ2 fax file
jif file icon file extension jifJPEG Interchange format file
lgo file icon file extension lgoMicrosoft Windows 3.x logo driver file
tim file icon file extension timTagged Image file format
 file extension eveEmbedded Vector Editor diagram file
 file extension mjpgMotion JPEG Video
 file extension mtiffMulti-page Tiff file format
 file extension frdatABBYY Finereader file
 file extension jpg_128x160Android picture image
 file extension rifResource Interchange File Format
 file extension spePrinceton Instruments CCD camera bitmap image
 file extension x-pngPortable (Public) Network Graphic bitmap file
 file extension g3pCasio Prizm graphics
 file extension jpg_170x220Android resized picture
 file extension jpg_240x320Android picture image
dpx file icon file extension dpxDigital Moving Picture Exchange graphics
icon file icon file extension iconIcon image file
 file extension wbpWebshots picture collection
 file extension psdtAdobe Photoshop CC graphics
 file extension sepTagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
 file extension gelMolecular Dynamics image
 file extension pfiPanorama Factory bitmap image file
 file extension ulgULG bitmap file
 file extension zviZeiss AxioVision microscope image
 file extension cdrzipDICOM compressed image
 file extension pseAdobe Photoshop Elements project
 file extension lcfLICEcap screen capture format
 file extension jpgeMistyped JPEG bitmap image
 file extension psdxAdobe Photoshop Touch graphics
xpm file icon file extension xpmImage file
 file extension c4JEDMICS bitmap picture
cut file icon file extension cutDr. Halo bitmap format
 file extension pi2Portrait Innovations high resolution image file
fpg file icon file extension fpgDIV Games Studio Multi Map image format
 file extension dngAdobe Digital Negative
xcf file icon file extension xcfGIMP XCF bitmap image
kfx file icon file extension kfxKofax Group 4 bitmap graphics
 file extension jpg_170x128Android picture
 file extension mbmEPOC multi-bitmap picture
 file extension svaSharp Manga Browser comic
rs file icon file extension rsSun raster bitmap image
 file extension cpbitmapApple iPhone bitmap wallpaper
 file extension gtxGenetica seamless texture format
j2k file icon file extension j2kJPEG2000 code stream image
 file extension afiAperio AFI picture image
apm file icon file extension apmAldus Placeable metafile image
alias file icon file extension aliasAlias image
 file extension bitX11 bitmap picture
dib file icon file extension dibDevice-Independent bitmap graphics
dds file icon file extension ddsDirectDraw surface data
jbg file icon file extension jbgImage JBIG 1-bit raster image
mgr file icon file extension mgrMGR bitmap image
mrf file icon file extension mrfMarks Russel Format raster image
pspimage file icon file extension pspimageCorel Paint Shop Pro picture
 file extension apalbumApple Aperture album
 file extension pjpgMicrosoft Rights Management protected JPG image
 file extension acrBitmap graphics
 file extension crIris CT format bitmap image
face file icon file extension faceUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image file
sps file icon file extension spsAtari Spectrum 512 smooshed bitmap image
 file extension dahAutoPlay Media Studio splash image
pcx file icon file extension pcxPaintbrush bitmap image
 file extension zifZooming Interface Format file
itc2 file icon file extension itc2Apple iTunes Cover Flow data
 file extension 600xImage file
 file extension rawAdobe Photoshop RAW file
 file extension g10Atari Graphics 10 picture image
bm file icon file extension bmX Windows system bitmap image
can file icon file extension canCanon Navigator fax file
cin file icon file extension cinKodak Cineon image
 file extension coreCore bitmap image file
 file extension dcimDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image
dis file icon file extension disDKB ray-tracer image file
 file extension cngNational Geographic image
fi file icon file extension fiFlash Image image file
mil file icon file extension milMicro Illustrator uncompressed image
 file extension pixBitmap image
rla file icon file extension rlaAlias/Wavefront bitmap image file
avs file icon file extension avsStardent AVS X bitmap image file
 file extension secPro/ENGINEER sketch file
pam file icon file extension pamPortable arbitrary map
bw file icon file extension bwSilicon Graphics image file
 file extension ezpMegaView image file
rsr file icon file extension rsrPoser model preview file
 file extension rlhPicture image
 file extension ljpgLossless JPEG image
 file extension jpg_480x320Android picture file
 file extension gr8ATARI graphics 8 file
arn file icon file extension arnAstronomical Research Network image format file
 file extension bgbBeck Graphics Bitmap file
ct file icon file extension ctIRIS CT image file
 file extension pjpegJPEG image
lbm file icon file extension lbmInterleaved bitmap image
 file extension stn=Genuine Fractals STING file format
xbm file icon file extension xbmX Windows system bitmap image
 file extension g00Clannad picture image
 file extension sevSevenUp picture file
dt2 file icon file extension dt2Microsoft Live Messenger avatar
 file extension nvgNokia N8 image
vsw file icon file extension vswMicrosoft Office Visio 2010 web drawing file
 file extension jpg_220x176Android picture
 file extension jpg_56x42Android picture image
 file extension jpg_128x128Android picture file
 file extension mrcMedical Research Council file
 file extension appAtari picture image
 file extension hciAtari picture image
 file extension sai2Paint Tool SAI version 2 drawing
b16 file icon file extension b16PCO image file
bpt file icon file extension bptCorelDRAW bitmap master data
 file extension jpdJoint PhotoDefiner image file
sfw file icon file extension sfwSeattle Film Works graphics
dcx file icon file extension dcxZsoft PC Publisher's Paintbrush picture
 file extension dicMedicine image file
 file extension iffAutodesk Maya image interchange format
jfif file icon file extension jfifJPEG Interchange format file
 file extension mkiMagView Japanese graphics MAKIchan bitmap file
 file extension patternPhotoLine 5 Default file
pnm file icon file extension pnmPortable anymap bitmap graphic
pxr file icon file extension pxrPixar picture file
sr file icon file extension srSun raster bitmap graphics
 file extension vflPrintMaster Gold ClipArt file
82i file icon file extension 82iTI bitmap file
 file extension gooKai's Power Goo picture file
jpx file icon file extension jpxJPEG 2000 extended image format (ISO 15444-2)
 file extension pfnPortable Bitmap file
 file extension xbxXbox icon or picture file
t1 file icon file extension t1Male MRI image format
 file extension dicomMedicine image file format
 file extension jpg2JPEG 2000 image format (ISO 15444-1) file
 file extension pampPowerAMP album art
 file extension jpg_320x320Android picture
 file extension jpeg_160x120160 x 120 pixels JPEG image
 file extension jiffJPG bitmap image
 file extension igInstagram JPEG picture image
 file extension jpeg_128x96Android picture file
 file extension omeOpen Microscopy Environment OME image file
 file extension hugeiFixit renamed JPEG picture
 file extension rawrawSageThumbs raw image
 file extension rvgKodak RVG x-ray image
 file extension cciChampions' Interlace compressed picture image
 file extension hipAtari HARD Interlacing Picture format
 file extension hpmGrass' Slideshow picture image
 file extension fliFLI Graph picture image
 file extension sc8MSX Screen 8 picture image
 file extension pl7Graph Saurus bitmap image
 file extension accMS Image Composer
92i file icon file extension 92iTI bitmap file
cbm file icon file extension cbmBitmap image format
 file extension qtkApple QuickTake picture
epa file icon file extension epaAward BIOS Logo image format
jng file icon file extension jngJPEG Network Graphic file
jsl file icon file extension jslCorel PaintShop Photo Pro shapes file
 file extension mcsMathCAD raster picture
p7 file icon file extension p7XV Visual Schnauzer bitmap format
 file extension pctPicture image
pgm file icon file extension pgmPortable graymap file format
 file extension pgnPicatinny Arsenal Electronic formstore file
pict2 file icon file extension pict2Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT bitmap graphics format
 file extension pipCompressed bitmap picture file
 file extension pmbPolar Uplink Tool bitmap file
pnt file icon file extension pntApple MacPaint format graphic image
rlb file icon file extension rlbAlias/Wavefront bitmap image file
 file extension rtlHP Raster Transfer Language bitmap image file
scx file icon file extension scxColoRIX bitmap image
spc file icon file extension spcAtari compressed spectrum bitmap picture
sun file icon file extension sunSun raster bitmap image file
vga file icon file extension vgaBitmap image
vit file icon file extension vitVITec scanner raster format
wic file icon file extension wicJ Wavelet Image Codec image format
 file extension wvlWavelet Bitmap file
xim file icon file extension ximX11 Xim Toolkit bitmap file
 file extension bsqArcView band sequential image file
 file extension [b]Amiga paint image file
gg file icon file extension ggKoala Paint compressed image
 file extension cd5Chasys Draw image file
 file extension cs1Sinar CaptureShop
 file extension jpmJPEG 2000 multi-layer image format (ISO 15444-6)
 file extension mipCorel PaintShop Pro multiple print image
 file extension ozjMu Online graphic file
png file icon file extension pngAdobe Fireworks proprietary PNG file
 file extension bilArcView band interleaved by line image format
 file extension apngAnimated portable network graphics file
tile file icon file extension tileEclipse image file
jpc file icon file extension jpcJPEG2000 code stream image format
gaf file icon file extension gafTotal Annihilation animated bitmap format
 file extension bdfX11 Bitmap Distribution Format
 file extension aaiDune HD Player AAI graphics image file
 file extension idrcAdobe InDesign resource data
 file extension lceZX Spectrum 128 laced screen
 file extension rm0RAMbrandt picture image
 file extension gr9ATARI Graphics 9 picture image
 file extension mg8MultiArtist picture image
 file extension ftcAtari Falcon True Color format
 file extension hr2Atari picture image
 file extension bpBinary Picture TIFF image
 file extension pl5Graph Saurus bitmap image
 file extension rleRaster image
 file extension bbmDeluxe Paint bitmap image file
btn file icon file extension btnJust Buttons animated picture
pbm file icon file extension pbmPortable bitmap picture
cmu file icon file extension cmuCMU Window Manager bitmap image
cmyk file icon file extension cmykRaw cyan, magenta, yellow and black bytes bitmap image file
 file extension gpdGraphic PhotoDefiner image file
 file extension cvsCanvas bitmap or vector image
 file extension exifExchangeable image file
fbm file icon file extension fbmFuzzy bitmap image file
 file extension fifFractal Image Format file
 file extension ipxIpix spherical panorama file
j6i file icon file extension j6iRicoh Digital Camera image file
jas file icon file extension jasCorel PaintShop Photo Pro bitmap graphics file
 file extension jfif-tbnlJPEG picture file
 file extension mrbC++ multiple resolution bitmap graphic file
pcc file icon file extension pccZSoft PC Paintbrush format
pdb file icon file extension pdbMonkeyCard image format file
pixar file icon file extension pixarPIXAR image
pr file icon file extension prSun icon
qdv file icon file extension qdvRandom Dot QDV bitmap image
tga file icon file extension tgaTruevision TarGA bitmap image
rgb file icon file extension rgbSGI RGB bitmap
rsb file icon file extension rsbRed Storm bitmap file
scr file icon file extension scrSun Raster bitmap image file
sim file icon file extension simAurora image format
 file extension mvmMAGIX PhotoStory on DVD slideshow
 file extension srfSun raster file
 file extension upxUlead Photo Express saved image file
vic file icon file extension vicVicar graphics file
wbmp file icon file extension wbmpWireless Bitmap image file
 file extension wifWang image file
xwd file icon file extension xwdX Window window screen dump or bitmap
 file extension 0-rPNG image
 file extension bwcBeadWizard color palette
 file extension hpeCanon JPEG file
otb file icon file extension otbNokia OTA bitmap file
 file extension wdpWindows Media HD Photo picture image
 file extension ibmCommodore Amiga graphics file
 file extension blBinary linework TIFF bitmap
 file extension cpdCompression PhotoDefiner image file
 file extension png24Portable Network Graphics
 file extension agifActive GIF Creator project file
 file extension hrfHitachi CADCore raster format file
 file extension sumoSumo Paint raster picture
aid file icon file extension aidACDSee Classic thumbnail file
 file extension pbwPhotobucket slideshow file
 file extension axiAXon Image format
 file extension dziPhotoSynth Deep Zoom Image file
 file extension sdtBecker & Hickl SPCImage image file
 file extension bpgBetter Portable Graphics picture image
 file extension kroKolor RAW format
 file extension ham6Amiga Hold-And-Modify 6 file
 file extension rm3RAMbrandt picture image
 file extension jpg_thumbJPG thumbnail image
 file extension textureTexture file
acorn file icon file extension acornAcorn draw file
bum file icon file extension bumPoser Bump files image format
cmp file icon file extension cmpDiscorp CMP JPEG image file format
 file extension isfInfoNet snapshot file
ei file icon file extension eiElectric Image image format
hr file icon file extension hrTRS 80 image file format
 file extension ic1Atari bitmap image file
 file extension icrNCSA Telnet Interactive color raster graphic file
 file extension imjPegasus Image Corp format bitmap graphics file
 file extension kdkKodak proprietary decimated TIFF file
 file extension landsatEOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file
mac file icon file extension macMacPaint bitmap image
ncr file icon file extension ncrNCR Image image format
 file extension pcx_Paintbrush bitmap graphics file
pdd file icon file extension pddCorel PaintShop Photo Pro bitmap graphics file
pi file icon file extension piBitmap image
 file extension ptifPyramid encoded TIFF bitmap graphics
ras file icon file extension rasSun raster bitmap
 file extension scanScan data
 file extension scuColoRIX bitmap image
gro file icon file extension groHP-48/49 grob graphic image format
spu file icon file extension spuAtari Spectrum bitmap image file
tex file icon file extension texCorel PaintShop Photo Pro texture file
 file extension thmThumbnail bitmap image file
 file extension thnGraphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
ufo file icon file extension ufoUlead PhotoImpact object
 file extension vgrVentura Publisher bitmap file
2bp file icon file extension 2bpPocket PC bitmap file
301 file icon file extension 301Brooktrout 301 image file
 file extension gif89aGIF 89a image file
 file extension gisErdas gray-scale bitmap image
 file extension apnAlpine wallpaper file
 file extension ba2B.O.U.T. Evolution low res texture file
jag file icon file extension jagAtari Jaguar JPEG compressed image
 file extension tc2TurboCAD 2D drawing
 file extension tm2Playstation 2 TIM2 Bitmap file
 file extension wnkWink screen capture file
 file extension xjtCompressed GIMP image file
 file extension zbmZlib compressed bitmap file
 file extension zxpZX-Paintbrush document
 file extension tpicTrueVision TARGA image file
 file extension fmjFaceMorpher project file
 file extension sedprjAshampoo Slideshow Studio project file
 file extension sfcMotic Images Plus image
 file extension rdbWavelet image recording file
 file extension cexThumbsPlus image file
 file extension xpngPortable (Public) Network Graphic bitmap file
 file extension steSamsung IPOLIS picture file
 file extension 8xiTI-83/84 Plus picture file
 file extension inkInkML image file
 file extension ricLego NXT image file
 file extension gif_160x120GIF Image file
 file extension rawISIS RAW file format file
design file icon file extension designMicrosoft Expression Design drawing file
 file extension 4ppPhotoParade slideshow file
 file extension fposPhoto Pos Pro image file
 file extension egcGIF Creator project file
 file extension mrawPhotron camera RAW image file
 file extension r3dDeltaVision image file
 file extension jascprojectJasc Paint Shop Photo Album project file
 file extension acbmAmiga Continuous Bitmap format
 file extension zxmZX-Paintbrush map image
 file extension rl8SageThumbs image
 file extension p4iCommodore 16 picture image
 file extension rm1RAMbrandt picture image
 file extension hlrAttributes Gigascreen picture image
 file extension ndprNanoZoomer Digital Pathology image format
 file extension pyxelPyxel Edit picture image
 file extension 256Atari picture image
 file extension a4rAnime 4ever picture image
 file extension ge7MSX Screen 7 picture image
 file extension oraMyPaint Open Raster graphic file
 file extension popSamsung Popcon animation
 file extension adexAdex bitmap graphics file
atk file icon file extension atkAndrew Toolkit raster object file
bie file icon file extension bieJBIG image
bob file icon file extension bobBOB Raytracer bitmap image file
 file extension cimC Text Mode image file
 file extension dicmDICOM medicine picture
 file extension piconPersonal icon file
 file extension hufHuffman encoded file
fac file icon file extension facUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image
fre file icon file extension freMale MRI (Male Normal CT) image format
 file extension hsiHandmade Software bitmap image
i17 file icon file extension i17Pixel PowerCollage image file
 file extension ic2Atari bitmap image file
 file extension iefBitmap Image Exchange file
info file icon file extension infoAmiga icon data file
itg file icon file extension itgIntergraph format bitmap graphics
iw4 file icon file extension iw4DjVu image format
jbr file icon file extension jbrCorel PaintShop Photo Pro brushes file
jif file icon file extension jifJeff's Image Format file
koa file icon file extension koaKoala paint C64 file format
lff file icon file extension lffLucasFilm Format image format
 file extension lrgMacromedia XRes multi-resolution bitmap file
 file extension maskCygwin bitmap file
 file extension pwpSeattle FilmWorks / PhotoWorks image file
miff file icon file extension miffMagick image file format
 file extension mmrFuji Xerox fax image file
msp file icon file extension mspMicrosoft Paint bitmap picture
nlm file icon file extension nlmNokia Logo file image format
 file extension odaCALS Group IV type 2 raster image
pc2 file icon file extension pc2Atari Degas image
pet file icon file extension petMacintosh PICT image file
pg file icon file extension pgImage PrintFox / PageFox
pict file icon file extension pictBitmap graphics file format
cdrw file icon file extension cdrwCorelDRAW for Mac file
 file extension pzlUnix Puzzle bitmap graphics
qtl file icon file extension qtlYUV SECAM or PAL image
sc? file icon file extension sc?ColoRix bitmap image
seq file icon file extension seqATARI STAD image file
 file extension sixDEC LN03+ sixel bitmap image
tg4 file icon file extension tg4TG4 image format
udi file icon file extension udiCorelDRAW draw script textures bitmap file
vpb file icon file extension vpbQuantel VPB image format
wap file icon file extension wapWireless bitmap (level 0) image format
wbm file icon file extension wbmWireless Bitmap image
xv file icon file extension xvKhoros Visualization bitmap image
yuv file icon file extension yuvYUV 16Bits image format
 file extension grafDigital F/X image file
 file extension b60RISC OS PNG bitmap image file
 file extension c85RISC OS JPEG bitmap image file
 file extension gbmMapServer bitmap store file
 file extension g1rCasio Model 9860 image file
 file extension jb2JBIG2 image file
 file extension qmpSeeYou raster map
 file extension frmCorel Painter frame stack file
 file extension hdpHD Photo
 file extension intSilicon Graphics image file format
 file extension snxSecond Nature screensaver image
ilbm file icon file extension ilbmInterleaved bitmap file
hed file icon file extension hedHi-Eddi image file
 file extension pjpegMicrosoft Rights Management protected JPEG file
blz file icon file extension blzBitmap graphic file
 file extension crsOpton scanner file
cmyka file icon file extension cmykaRaw cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and alpha samples image
 file extension png32Portable Network Graphics file
 file extension wmpMicrosoft Windows Media HD Photo file
 file extension sgxSymbOS SGX bitmap file
 file extension gmbckGame Maker background image file
 file extension matVue material file
 file extension papPanoramaStudio project file
 file extension abtABC-View Manager thumbnail file
 file extension pgalMy Pictures 3D Album gallery file
 file extension leiLeica SP1 image session file
 file extension jpeg_170x220170 x 220 pixels JPEG image
 file extension ed5EDMICS picture image file
 file extension lm8Graphics image file
 file extension jmgBitmap image
 file extension 1-pPNG file
 file extension xqfSeiko microscope image
 file extension wb2WebShots picture file
 file extension flifFree Lossless Image Format
 file extension xlpXL-Paint picture image
 file extension bl3DEGAS Elite block
 file extension 4miAtariTools-800 4 missiles
 file extension ir2Super IRG 2 picture image
 file extension lp3Logo Painter 3/3+ picture image
 file extension rgbnTurboSilver bitmap image
 file extension sprApple II sprite
 file extension drgAtari CAD bitmap image
 file extension 3rArbortext Advanced Print Publisher raster image
 file extension fppxMicrosoft Fresh Paint painting
 file extension ge5MSX Screen 5 picture image
 file extension scaMSX Screen 10 picture image
 file extension hrsOric picture image
ace file icon file extension aceAces200 image file
 file extension ahrpApple II+ image file
b&w file icon file extension b&wBitmap image
 file extension bmzCompressed bitmap file
 file extension tnbBitmap file
 file extension ccrfCalcomp raster bitmap image file
 file extension ctSciTex continuous Tone bitmap image (32bit CMYK)
eri file icon file extension eriERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image) image format
cdr4 file icon file extension cdr4CorelDRAW 4 for Mac vector or bitmap image
icb file icon file extension icbTruevision Targa format
 file extension ico_Icon file
 file extension inbMotorola MMS file

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