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File extensions used for font and typeface file formats

List of common font files

Font and typeface file extension list

File extensions used for font and typeface file formats.

Font file type can be defined as a set of characters, symbols or glyphs.

Fonts can be divided in three basic types: bitmap fonts, outline fonts and stroke fonts.

Bitmap fonts (raster fonts) consist of a series of dots or pixels representing the image of each glyph in each face and size. Bitmap fonts are faster and easier to use in computer code, but inflexible, and do require separate font for each size.

Outline fonts (vector fonts) use B├ęzier curves, drawing instructions and mathematical formulas to describe each glyph, which make the character outlines scalable to any size.

Stroke fonts use a series of specified lines and additional information to define the profile, or size and shape of the line in a specific face, which together describe the appearance of the glyph.

The most used font file formats are:

Adobe Type 1 (PFB file extension) and Type 3 fonts developed by Adobe for professional digital typesetting and desktop publishing. Type 1 and Type 3 fonts are outline fonts (vector fonts), which are using PostScript and cubic Bezier curves.

TrueType font (TTF file extension) is file format created by Apple, Inc as competition for Adobe Type 1 fonts. TrueType font is described by quadratic Bezier curves. It is a very popular font format, that is supported by many operating systems (Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux).

OpenType (OTF file extension) is a current standard font file format supported by modern operating systems that was designed by Microsoft and Adobe. OpentType fonts are based on Adobe Type 1 font and contain wide range of metadata and international/foreign character sets.

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 file extension woff2Web Open Font Format 2.0 package
 file extension pktTeX font
ttf file icon file extension ttfTrueType font
 file extension eotEmbedded OpenType font
woff file icon file extension woffWeb Open Font Format package
 file extension pkLaTeX compressed font
 file extension chrBorland language stroke font
bmap file icon file extension bmapApple Macintosh screen font
ofm file icon file extension ofmAdobe PostScript font description data
 file extension fntFont
otf file icon file extension otfOpenType font file format
 file extension frfFontMonger intermediate font
suit file icon file extension suitApple Mac OS font suitcase
pfb file icon file extension pfbType 1 PostScript font
 file extension glyphsGlyphs character data
afs file icon file extension afsAdobe Type Manager font set
 file extension 91Ventura Publisher 91x91 dpi display font
ttc file icon file extension ttcTrueType Font collection
afm file icon file extension afmAdobe font metrics
 file extension vfontValve Source font
ftm file icon file extension ftmMicrografx font
 file extension eftChiWriter high resolution screen font
pfm file icon file extension pfmPrinter outline metric font
 file extension apfLotus printer driver fonts
tmf file icon file extension tmfCorel WordPerfect tagged font metric
 file extension odttfMicrosoft Office document embedded font
 file extension tpfHiJaak downloadable PCL soft font
 file extension mcfMathcad font
 file extension pssAdobe Type Manager PostScript stub data
 file extension fonMicrosoft Windows bitmap font
 file extension 96Corel Ventura Publisher 96x96 dpi display font
 file extension gftNeoPaint font
collection file icon file extension collectionFont collection cache
 file extension dzkAMP font library
 file extension vfbFont description data
 file extension 85Ventura Publisher 85x85 dpi display font
 file extension hbfHanzi bitmap font
 file extension afnArtCAM font
 file extension sfpLaserJet portrait font file
 file extension sflPCL4 Ventura printer bitmap font
 file extension chxBig font set
 file extension 75Ventura Publisher 75x75 dpi display font
 file extension pfaPostScript type 1 font
auf file icon file extension aufAlphacam user font
mgf file icon file extension mgfMicrografx font
 file extension vlwProcessing font
 file extension f11MS-DOS screen text 11 pixels height font file
 file extension sfiCorel Ventura Publisher HP LaserJet printer font
 file extension fxrOracle font cross-reference data
 file extension glifGlyph Interchange Format
 file extension vf36D Embroidery Software font
 file extension vmfCorel Ventura Publisher font characteristics
 file extension uspPageMaker printer font
0b file icon file extension 0bAdobe PageMaker printer font
abf file icon file extension abfAdobe binary screen font
 file extension tteMicrosoft Windows Private Character Editor data
 file extension bcoBitstream outline font description file
dfont file icon file extension dfontMac Data Fork Suitcase Format
 file extension xfcX-Fonter font collection
 file extension zsuZebra printer font file
 file extension vf1Birch BP-743 variable pitch font
 file extension fontFont data
 file extension gfMetaFont font
 file extension tfmTagged Font Metric data
 file extension 085Corel Ventura Publisher 85x85 dpi font
 file extension spritefontXNA Game Studio font
 file extension gsfGhostscript fonts
 file extension mcfWatchtower Library font
 file extension zfiZenGL font
 file extension lftChiWriter laser printer font
 file extension fogFontographer font database file
 file extension mvecPlayground SDK font
 file extension pcfUNIX font
 file extension cfnCalamus font data file
8u file icon file extension 8uAdobe Pagemaker Roman 8 extended character set printer font
 file extension eufMicrosoft Windows Private Character Editor font
 file extension wfnCorel font or symbol
 file extension okfOKF font file format
 file extension qfnApple QuickTime font file
 file extension sfoBitstream font
cff file icon file extension cffCompact Font
 file extension vnfVision Numeric font
8m file icon file extension 8mAdobe PageMaker math 8 printer font
 file extension f00Kanji font
 file extension mfmVTeX multiple master font metrics
 file extension vfmVentura Publisher font metrics
 file extension 075Corel Ventura Publisher 75x75 dpi font
 file extension qbfQuickBASIC font
 file extension bfnBrother Embroidery software font
 file extension tb2Borland Turbo C font
 file extension phfPhotofont font
 file extension bzrBinary font
 file extension b30Ventura Publisher printer font
fot file icon file extension fotTruetype font styles
 file extension t2TrueType font file
 file extension f10DOS screen text 10 pixels height font file
 file extension tb1Borland Turbo C font
 file extension f08DOS screen text 8 pixels height font
 file extension 64cCommodore C64 Emulator data or font
 file extension gdrSymbian OS bitmap font
 file extension fnnMS-DOS screen text font
compositefont file icon file extension compositefontComposite font file
 file extension 091Corel Ventura Publisher 91x91 dpi font
ffil file icon file extension ffilMac OS X Data Fork Suitcase Format
 file extension pilPython Image Library font
f06 file icon file extension f06MS-DOS screen text 6 pixels height font
 file extension f16DOS screen text 16 pixels height font file
 file extension w30Ventura Publisher printer font
 file extension hfiHP font
 file extension bezBitstream outline font description file
 file extension sfnEasySIGN font
frs file icon file extension frsCorel WordPerfect screen font resource file
 file extension fontsFont
 file extension fdbFont definition block of SWT generator
 file extension t1cAdobe Postscript Type1 compressible font
 file extension dusReadiris font dictionary data
12u file icon file extension 12uAdobe PageMaker font
 file extension fnb1st Publisher font
 file extension bxEmbrilliance Essentials font
 file extension scrLocoScript screen font
 file extension #gfMetaFont font
 file extension f3fCrazy Machines font data
 file extension f12DOS screen text 12 pixel height font
 file extension f09MS-DOS screen text 9 pixels height font
 file extension sftChiWriter screen font
 file extension f13MS-DOS screen text 13 pixels height font
 file extension uslLaserJet landscape font
atm file icon file extension atmAdobe Type Manager data
 file extension fo1Borland Turbo C font
 file extension svgSVG fonts format
 file extension ufoUnified font object
 file extension mftMetaFont Source Formatter
 file extension _vAdobe Type Manager Japanese font metrics
acfm file icon file extension acfmAdobe composite font metrics
 file extension fdbMing font
bmf file icon file extension bmfBMF ByteMap font file
 file extension vfTeX virtual font
 file extension mtfMediatek font
mmm file icon file extension mmmAdobe Type Manager multiple-master font metrics
 file extension chmChameleon source font
 file extension sfdFontforge Spline Font database file format
 file extension cgaVentura Publisher CGA display font
 file extension aspfAdobe Type1 Fonts mac file type
 file extension spdBitstream Speedo scalable font
 file extension txfCelestia font texture
 file extension $tfSteinberg Cubase fonts compressed data
 file extension etxTeX font file
 file extension bdfUNIX font
 file extension nlqDaisy-Dot 19x16 font
 file extension 096Corel Ventura Publisher 96x96 dpi font
 file extension pcfPaintCAD font
lwfn file icon file extension lwfnAdobe Type 1 font
prs file icon file extension prsCorel WordPerfect printer resource font
 file extension typeAmiga font
 file extension pfaUnhinted PostScript Type 3 font
 file extension chaDTL OTMaster character layout
 file extension flfFIGlet zipped figletized text font
 file extension sifSuper-IRG font
us? file icon file extension us?Microsoft Word font file
r8? file icon file extension r8?Microsoft Word for DOS font file
 file extension snfUNIX font
ntf file icon file extension ntfMicrosoft Windows font format
 file extension fo2Borland Turbo C font
cef file icon file extension cefAdobe Illustrator compact embedded font
 file extension glfAfterGRASP font file
 file extension xfnCorel Ventura printer font
 file extension chrBlazing Paddles font
 file extension ###SmartWare filled area font
 file extension cbtfPlazmic font
mrf file icon file extension mrfMacintosh font
 file extension ffAgfa Compugraphics outline font description
sui file icon file extension suiApple MAC font
 file extension sxsAtari 16x16 font
 file extension snfDESQview font
 file extension asfLotus screen font
wnf file icon file extension wnfCorelDRAW outline font description file
 file extension pftChiWriter printer font
 file extension xftChiWriter 24 pin printer font
 file extension gxfGeneral CADD Pro font
 file extension fn3Harvard Graphics 3.0 font
 file extension tdfTheDraw font
 file extension bepfAdobe Big Endian Prebuilt Format
 file extension intellifontIntellifont data
 file extension sfsHP PCL 5 scalable font
 file extension cctSIL Hebrew Font System transliteration table
 file extension acsAtariTools-800 font
 file extension ch4ZX Spectrum font
 file extension pfrFont Fusion portable font resource
amfm file icon file extension amfmAdobe multiple font metrics file
 file extension clafClaris font file
 file extension fdFont definition file
15u file icon file extension 15uAdobe PageMaker printer font
 file extension allArts & Letters library
 file extension sffSmartWare screen font file
 file extension lepfAdobe Little Endian Prebuilt Format
 file extension fliTex font library (EmTeX)
 file extension fyiFontasy Publisher italic font file
 file extension iceInterlace Character Editor font
mfd file icon file extension mfdAdobe multiple master font metrics directory
 file extension fntaMarathon 2 Aleph One font file
 file extension $onSteinberg Cubase fonts compressed file
 file extension xfrVentura Publisher bitmap editor font
 file extension kbitxBits'N'Picas format (version 2.x)
 file extension kbitsBits'N'Picas format (version 1.x)

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