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File extensions used in various GIS and other mapping software

List of common gis, gps, map file types

GIS, GPS navigation and map file extension list

File extensions used in various GIS and other mapping software.

GIS, GPS and map file types include formats that are used by various navigation and mapping software. GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning System) and map files may contain all kinds of GPS/map, from pure graphics (maps) to lists of  point of interest, routes, waypoints and other metadata. Some of the GIS, GPS navigation and map files are saved in open formats, so that they can be imported and used in numerous navigation devices or programs. But a lot of vendors use their own, proprietary formats that are not interchangeable.

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 file extension inpGIS input data
 file extension mapGeographical map
 file extension nm7Navitel Navigator map file
 file extension kmlGoogle Earth Keyhole Markup language data
 file extension shpESRI ArcView shapefile
kmz file icon file extension kmzCompressed Keyhole Markup Language (Google Earth) data
 file extension gpxGPS eXchange format
 file extension kwiKIWI Navigation system database
 file extension fbliGO map
 file extension sidLizardTech MrSID image file format
 file extension adfArcView ARC/INFO coverage data
ptm file icon file extension ptmMicrosoft MapPoint map
 file extension twfArcView world coordinates file
 file extension mxdArcGIS map document
 file extension nv2Navionics chart file
 file extension estMicrosoft Streets & Trips trip
 file extension mpkArcGIS map package
 file extension gdbGarmin MapSource GPS waypoint database
 file extension gmlGeography Markup Language data
 file extension bdsCadcorp SIS base dataset
 file extension ssfTrimble Standard Storage Format
 file extension tabMapInfo geometry or atribute data file
 file extension tcxGarmin Training Center XML database
 file extension pmfESRI published map
ptt file icon file extension pttMicrosoft MapPoint template
 file extension mapNAVIGON map
 file extension kmbAiM GPS Manager track data
 file extension klmKeyhole Markup Language (Google Earth)
 file extension ttpkgTomTom Navigator map
 file extension rteOziExplorer route
 file extension spxArcGIS geodatabase SPX data
 file extension obfOsmAnd offline GPS vector maps
 file extension gvspGeocortex Silverlight project
 file extension tfwArcView world data
 file extension mwmMAPS.ME map data
at5 file icon file extension at5Lowrance chart data
 file extension jgwJPEG world data
 file extension nmeaGlobal Positioning data (GPS)
 file extension gdbtableArcGIS geodatabase
 file extension gdbtablxArcGIS geodatabase
 file extension jnxGarmin raster map
 file extension wptGPS waypoint
 file extension prmTomTom map
 file extension navionicsGPS chart format
 file extension aprArcView project
 file extension twlNaviguide binary route data
 file extension unlGarmin MapSource unlock data
 file extension gdbArcGIS geodatabase
 file extension csarCaris Spatial Archive
 file extension trkGarmin GPS PCX5 track
 file extension geojsonGeoJSON geographic format
 file extension esiESRI plot data
 file extension nm3Navitel Navigator 5.0 map
 file extension kapMaptech BSB map
 file extension isxIntrasis object data
 file extension kmtfGarmin Nuvi GPS map
 file extension algER Mapper algorithm data
 file extension nm2Navitel Navigator map
 file extension gsrGolden Software GIS data
 file extension axeMicrosoft Autoroute map
 file extension pkinfoArcGIS package info data
 file extension freelistArcGIS data file
 file extension bsbMapInfo sea chart
 file extension ewwER Mapper world data
 file extension btVTBuilder terrain data file
 file extension gpiGarmin Point of Interest
 file extension gsfUnidata GEMPAK map
 file extension ubxu-center UBX GPS log data
 file extension 3dciGO 3D building data
 file extension gsiGolden Software Interchange Format
 file extension ceeCompressed GPS Ephemeris data
 file extension avlArcView legend template
 file extension mrrMapInfo map data
 file extension tpoTOPO! mapXchange document
 file extension rrfRaytech file
 file extension spdbiGO Primo speedcam database
 file extension hnrTeleatlas data
 file extension cupSeeYou waypoint
 file extension j2wArcExplorer world
 file extension fjwiGo junction view data
 file extension demDigital Elevation Model map
 file extension lmfLibrary mapping and altera data interchange file
 file extension jgwxBlender GIS world data
 file extension skuTomTom for R-Link map
 file extension cgmapCityGuide region map
 file extension dgfGPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid file
 file extension gtmGPS TrackMaker map
 file extension upoiiGO points of interest
 file extension admGarmin GPS SD card save data
 file extension vrcViewRanger map
 file extension nfsNavigon Panorama View 3D function terrain data
 file extension gplStreet Atlas USA GPL log
 file extension tpxTopo North America project
 file extension fspiGO primo map data
 file extension hnriGo Primo route data
 file extension griPetrosys grid data
 file extension poiMagellan Maestro point of interest
 file extension bdyDMAP boundary data
 file extension rdfArcGIS report document
 file extension garGPS_COM waypoint data
 file extension vpfVector Product Format
 file extension encElectronic navigation chart
 file extension ozf2OziExplorer map
 file extension gmcGlobal Mapper catalog data
 file extension dgdatDoubleGIS database format
 file extension zlasESRI optimized LiDAR data
 file extension prjArcView Shapefile projections definition file
 file extension ozfx3OziExplorer image
 file extension gwsGeoMedia geoworkspace
 file extension nmaGPSBabel GPS log data
 file extension pnaTomTom Navigator PNA map info
 file extension cpgArcGIS codepage
 file extension rmapCompeGPS Land raster map
 file extension bnaAtlas Boundary data
 file extension ov2TomTom Navigator point of interest data
 file extension mifMapInfo Interchange Format
 file extension gmapGarmin map
 file extension igaCARIS GIS corner georeferencing coordinate data
 file extension aibArcInfo binary coverage data
 file extension tpqTOPO!Pro map file
 file extension qrtQuickRoute map
 file extension pngwBlender GIS world data
 file extension lazCompressed LiDAR data
 file extension avpArcView Legend Editor palette
 file extension dt2DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data level 2
 file extension htfGIS format
 file extension mapNavman map data
 file extension imiMagellan GPS navigation map
 file extension vmzNovapoint protected virtual map
 file extension gndGeography Network document
 file extension osmOpenStreetMap data
 file extension gsbGolden Software boundary data
 file extension mapOziExplorer map
 file extension rgnGarmin region data
 file extension ggfGPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid
 file extension mapArcView network map
 file extension mmjMobileMapper Office job
 file extension glfiGolf golf course
 file extension epoGoogle Android GPS extended prediction orbit data
 file extension rtmapCompeGPS Land raster map
 file extension worMapInfo workspace
 file extension gtzGPS TrackMaker data
 file extension bgdESRI binary raster definition
 file extension e02ArcInfo export data
 file extension tfwxArcGIS approximate affine transformation data
 file extension lasxLAS sidecar auxilliary data
 file extension x00Esri ArcInfo export data
 file extension lasLIDAR data exchange
 file extension sdlicArcGIS data
 file extension tgrTiger Line data
 file extension an1DeLorme Street Atlas drawing
 file extension dt1DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data level 1
 file extension bmpwBlender GIS world data
 file extension fjviGO Primo map related data
 file extension gmgGlobal Mapper grid data
 file extension tfdTape format requirements document
 file extension xcmCmapTools exported concept map
 file extension imgGarmin basemap data
 file extension qu2GPS2WorldWind database
 file extension divDIVA-GIS project
 file extension spudSpeed cam update
 file extension etaKeyhole EarthViewer placemark or overlay data
 file extension qaGPS quality assessment data
 file extension mcaMapFactor GPS navigation data
 file extension mmnMemory-Map Navigator overlay object
 file extension jctJCT file
 file extension c-mapC-map data
 file extension lmxNokia landmark exchange data
 file extension e04ArcInfo export data
 file extension ddfGPS Pathfinder Office data dictionary
 file extension mwxAutodesk MapGuide author map window XML data
 file extension dmfDigitals/Delta map file
 file extension 000International S-57 hydrographic data electronic navigation chart update
 file extension mapRoute 66 card document
 file extension tatESRI geographic text attribute table
 file extension omdMapInfo Routing J Server data
 file extension kfcCumulus projected map
 file extension jpwESRI JPEG world data
 file extension rt2OziExplorerCE route data
 file extension gmiGPS Tuner map calibration data
 file extension geodatabase-shmArcGIS Runtime SDK data
 file extension tifwBlender GIS world data
 file extension ebmdMicroMap map data
 file extension sttMicrosoft Streets & Trips map template
 file extension e03ArcInfo export data
 file extension glciGIS data
 file extension qedMemory-Map Navigator map file
 file extension ephGPS Pathfinder Office Ephemeris file
 file extension qc3Memory-Map data
 file extension cezProsurv cEZ job
 file extension cadrgCompressed ARC Raster Graphic file
 file extension nmapNaviComputer map data
 file extension ivlIBM ILOG JViews Maps map
 file extension pgwxBlender GIS world data
 file extension 3dliGO landmark data
 file extension gwcGolfwits course map
 file extension dbfArcView shapefile attribute table
 file extension tklHolux MapShow305 track
 file extension rikSharpMap data
 file extension smzIBM SPSS Graphboard Template Chooser shape
 file extension ctcSeeYou flight data
 file extension lpkArcGIS layer package
 file extension blxMagellan MapSend map data
 file extension bsqArcView band sequential image
 file extension vrgViewRanger map
 file extension ghdGeonaute Keymaze tracklog
 file extension 3ddArcGlobe document file
 file extension p35HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension sosiSOSI spatial data
 file extension agbNAVFone data
 file extension sxdArcGIS ArcScene document
 file extension itnTomTom Navigator itinerary data
 file extension aepArcExplorer project
 file extension ilfAg Leader Technology SMS insight log file
 file extension sdfAutodesk MapGuide spatial data
 file extension midMapInfo interchange format file
 file extension freshrouteNAVIGON data
 file extension l01ARC Digitized Raster Graphics file
 file extension eooArcInfo workstation export data
 file extension fmeFME mapping data
 file extension gvgKompass map
 file extension mikMapInfo MapImagery encryption key
 file extension postalTomTom postal code data
 file extension e00ESRI map file export
 file extension nmfArcGIS Explorer map
 file extension g10Garmin GPS map
 file extension onmOutdoor Navigator map
 file extension mngDeLorme map file extension
 file extension vrhViewRanger map
 file extension d16HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension geodatabase-walArcGIS Runtime SDK data
 file extension d14HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension gvnGeoVisu navigation data file
 file extension maplibMscape map
 file extension mtcSpeedCamps Builder file
 file extension fx4Fugawi GPS map
 file extension e05ArcInfo export data
 file extension roadtripRoad Trip Planner data
 file extension dt0DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data level 0 data
 file extension tdmbTrimble Outdoors Navigator map bundle
 file extension eeGPS Ephemeris data
 file extension msysMapSys map
 file extension citSeeYou vector maps
 file extension fbnArcView spatial index file
 file extension d12HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension trkCompeGPS Land track
 file extension e06ArcInfo export data
 file extension emhNaviPac data
 file extension p32HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension mhnMaster Navigator header data
 file extension d31HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension vikViking data
 file extension 009International S-57 Hydrographic data electronic navigation chart
 file extension gp1Street Atlas GPS log
 file extension aeuMicrosoft AutoRoute Express Europe route data
 file extension 003International S-57 Hydrographic Data Electronic Navigation Chart
 file extension gvtGeoVisu tracklogs file
 file extension rsrcMicrosoft Windows 10 Maps resource data
 file extension 006International S-57 Hydrographic data electronic navigation chart
 file extension ttkgpTatukGIS Editor project file
 file extension jpgwJPEG world data
 file extension aueAnnotated Urban Environments data
 file extension elevWCS Elev data
 file extension ssfGPS Pathfinder Office almanac and base data
 file extension ukoUK Offshore Operators Association (OKOOA) P1/90 data
 file extension d15HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension 3dSurvex 3D cavern
 file extension ixcArcView geocoding index for read-write coverages
 file extension adcXmap output data
 file extension ngtNONI GPSPlot GIS data
 file extension caiSeeYou flight data
 file extension cubSeeYou airspace data
 file extension byoBayo CartoExploreur cartographic map
 file extension gbnItres binary grid
 file extension axgMicrosoft AutoRoute trip
 file extension doqDigital Orthophoto Quadrangle data
 file extension sa7Street Atlas map document
 file extension t00Trimble GNSS measurement file
 file extension tk1Wintec Tools GPS log
 file extension ewmEWView geographic data
 file extension qalOpenMap quality data
 file extension p33HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension auxERDAS geospatial auxiliary data
 file extension htHumminbird track data
 file extension lanErdas LAN image
 file extension m7dMapKing navigation map
 file extension nviCARAIBES navigation data
 file extension sa4Delorme Street Atlas USA data
 file extension afpXMap flight plan (statistic) data
 file extension ntmNavitel map
 file extension cmrSeeYou raster maps
 file extension d33HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension arcinfoArcInfo info data
 file extension tfwxBlender GIS world data
 file extension mpsMapSource GPS Mapping Interface waypoints
 file extension smfLowrance StructureMap data
 file extension pkgHERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension impCompeGPS Land map settings
 file extension mpvfCompeGPS Land fast vector map
 file extension gvwGeoVisu waypoints data
 file extension gmpGlobal Mapper package
 file extension p34HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension aplArcPad layer
 file extension srfLandSerf GIS project
 file extension xolSwiss Map overlay file
 file extension irvXMap work data
 file extension mmmMiraMon maps data
 file extension cdemCompeGPS Land landscape data
 file extension lgsUSGS Digital Line Graph data
 file extension nmcArcGIS Explorer map content
 file extension wgomCompeGPS Land Google Earth remote map
 file extension m7aMapKing map
 file extension pixPCIDSK PCI Geomatics database
 file extension iktMagicMaps IK3D project
 file extension atxArcGIS attribute index
 file extension d34HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension d35HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension sldStyled Layer Descriptor
 file extension ovlGeogrid ASCII overlay
 file extension sdcESRI SDC dataset
 file extension qctMemory-Map imported map
 file extension posTrimble position data
 file extension 008International S-57 Hydrographic data electronic navigation chart
 file extension rlfArcGIS report layout
 file extension rd5Survey Pro road alignment data
 file extension apmArcPad ver.6 related data
 file extension appArcPad project file
 file extension sbpGPSBabel file format
 file extension gstMapInfo geoset file
 file extension vrmViewRanger map
 file extension p0cHERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension locEasyGPS TerraByte location data
 file extension patArcView geocoding pattern recognition data
 file extension d00HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension prmRoute 66 map
 file extension amfAnquet digital map
 file extension rteNavigon navigation route
 file extension mpsMicrosoft Pocket Streets map
 file extension gpsTripod Data Systems Survey Pro GPS coordinate
 file extension bpwxBlender GIS world data
 file extension lstAlan Map 500 map list
 file extension tfrdTape image format requirements document
 file extension corTrimble GPS Pathfinder Office corrected SSF data
 file extension aqmAlpineQuest GPS Hiking map
 file extension navmapESRI data
 file extension mdcMerkaartor document
 file extension cviCassiniVision map image
 file extension flnFlight Plan data
 file extension pr5MapSys map data
 file extension trkFugawi Global Navigator tracklog
 file extension safStreet Atlas USA map
 file extension cxfCoordinates Export Format
 file extension surTopocad file
 file extension mtktMTK GPS receiver data
 file extension hgzArcMap GIS data
 file extension styleArcGIS style manager data
 file extension ec0MetroCount traffic data
 file extension ggzGarmin zipped geocaching data
cmf file icon file extension cmfMicrosoft MapPoint 2006 map
 file extension osbOpenStreetMap binary map
 file extension gsiGPS Tuner map slices calibration data
 file extension flsArcView Windows Help supporting data
 file extension gsmMapViewer document
 file extension rtgRiverTools grid (RTG) format
 file extension fx3Fugawi map
 file extension geoMap Maker project
 file extension vmapCompeGPS Land fast vector map
 file extension ardHolux MapRoute map
 file extension almSiRFDemo GPS almanac data
 file extension mrfGPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid data
 file extension cwmsCompeGPS Land remote map
 file extension trkMagellan GPS waypoint
 file extension fpiFugawi points of interest
 file extension hdsXMap hierarchical dataset
 file extension ppsArcView processing set codes file
 file extension qctQuick Chart file format
 file extension bqwArcView world data
 file extension tsoTactical Situation Object XML data
 file extension dbsTrimble GPS data
 file extension pgfGPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid data
 file extension emtEmtac Trine datalog
 file extension gprxGeoxa project
 file extension dlgArcView graph file
 file extension eafArcInfo data
 file extension pnyQV Map image
 file extension p00HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension gdfGeographic Data File format
 file extension 001International S-57 hydrographic data electronic navigation chart
 file extension mvfUtilityMaps map data
 file extension stnArcView geocoding standardization data
 file extension sdmlSpatial Data Modeling Language VRML file
 file extension trpTripMaker document
 file extension gpsPocket CoPilot GPS Tracks data
 file extension sosSOSI spatial data
 file extension dbxGarmin MapSource vector map
 file extension imdGIS image metadata
 file extension corCorner georeferencing coordinate file
 file extension gmfGeology multi-data
 file extension p31HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension bmlBusinessMAP map layer
 file extension awxArcIMS XML project
 file extension trlTrackLogs Digital Mapping track log
 file extension asrpArc Standard Raster Product file
 file extension ltmHolux ezTour for Logger data
 file extension freshcontactNAVIGON MobileNavigator navigation data
 file extension dvcIDRISI vector definition data
 file extension zgtCopilot data
 file extension pp2Visual Passage Planner data
 file extension clsArcView geocoding classification
 file extension 13oRINEX data
 file extension gvrGeoVisu routes
 file extension matArcView geocoding matching parameters
 file extension dbmPetrosys dbMap map
 file extension ticArcInfo coordinates
 file extension n3mNokia 3D WebGL map
 file extension axtMicrosoft Autoroute template file
 file extension catArcView UNIX hyperhelp supporting data
 file extension sdmSpatial Data Modeling Language source code
 file extension gerOpenMap geo reference data
 file extension cshpESRI ArcView shape data
 file extension nmgfNoise Model Grid Format
 file extension p15HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension plnAGPS-Shape Pro profile data
 file extension dlgDigital Line Graph vector image
 file extension trgXMap flight plan or flight plan statistic file
 file extension crdALAN Map 500 map file
 file extension owfsWeb Feature Service data
 file extension d32HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension rmpMagellan map
 file extension rtxBike GPS RichTrack data
 file extension ertMGL Avionics Enigma route data
 file extension ardALAN map 600 map
 file extension mxtArcGIS ArcMap map template file
 file extension 005International S-57 Hydrographic Data Electronic navigation Chart
 file extension wpzSeeYou waypoint
 file extension tabGPS Pathfinder Office station or session table
 file extension tstTopocad section template
 file extension mxsArcView geocoding index for read-write shapefiles
 file extension lstHolux MapShow map list
 file extension sa8Street Atlas 8 map document
 file extension d11HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension fpfFlight Wizard data
 file extension gtsGTViewer session data
 file extension geoeXplorist GPS Geocache Manager database
 file extension mpvCompeGPS Land vector map
 file extension 007International S-57 hydrographic data electronic navigation chart file
 file extension okmOkMap map defining data
 file extension rtktRoyaltek binary data file
 file extension keyArcView geocoding matching keys
 file extension pinMNS projection information data
 file extension trlAlan Map500 tracklogs
 file extension hmapCompeGPS Land HyperMap data
 file extension genOpenMap general information data
 file extension mglrMagellan routes file
 file extension 3dfMapInfo graph data
 file extension sa8Street Atlas map document
 file extension 004International S-57 Hydrographic data electronic navigation chart
 file extension zreISOMAP import data
 file extension p12HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension crdHolux MapShow map
 file extension vdbSwiss Topo map
 file extension 002International S-57 Hydrographic Data Electronic Navigation Chart
 file extension p11HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension vtmCARIS GIS vector transparency mask file
 file extension gprmcGPS data
 file extension egdGIS encrypted grid shape
 file extension ntxCARIS marine navigation info
 file extension pwdefArcGIS project file
 file extension p16HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension bkAutomatic packet/position reporting system (APRS) data
 file extension bilwArcGIS BIL world file
 file extension aetMaptech raster aeronautical charts
 file extension autGPSMan automapic file
 file extension mgltMagellan tracklogs file
 file extension e01ArcInfo exported data
 file extension wprAlan Map500 waypoints and routes file
 file extension mglwMagellan waypoint file
 file extension bpsXMap flight plan
 file extension p14HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension wfdWayfinder map file
 file extension p01HERE Maps for Android map data package
 file extension gbsGTrek collective GPS binary file
 file extension d01HERE Maps for Android map data
 file extension gtabinGPS-Track-Analyse.NET data
 file extension geoprojDataGeosis Office project
 file extension gtarchivGPS-Track-Analyse.Net archive
 file extension hwrHumminbird waypoints and routes data
 file extension xcsvGPSBabel Character Separated Values
 file extension rwfRaymarine waypoint data

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