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File extensions used for various plain text and ASCII file types

List of common simple text files

Text file extension list

File extensions used for various plain text and ASCII file types.

Text file is a type of computer file, which often stores plain text information in ASCII format. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a character-encoding scheme based on the ordering of the English alphabet. The ASCII standard allows ASCII-only text files to be freely interchanged and readable on Unix, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, DOS, or other platforms. ASCII codes represent text in computers, communications and other devices that use text.

Modern character-encoding schemes, which support many more characters than did the original, are based on ASCII. Text files have a plethora of file suffixes, but most used file extension which identify simple text is txt or text (Microsoft Windows) and the MIME type used for it is "text/plain" (MAC OS X, Linux).

Text files can be simply opened and edited in many of plain text editors (Notepad, Notepad++ and many others).

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 file extension !!!README text file
$00 file icon file extension $00MS-DOS pipe file
$01 file icon file extension $01MS-DOS pipe file
$02 file icon file extension $02MS-DOS pipe file
$04 file icon file extension $04MS-DOS pipe file
$05 file icon file extension $05MS-DOS pipe file
$o1 file icon file extension $o1MS-DOS pipe file
$ol file icon file extension $olMS-DOS pipe file
 file extension 001SwiftView ICS command file
 file extension 1Unix unformatted manual page
 file extension 12da2d Ascii data
 file extension 1stReadme first text file
 file extension 7Screen log file
 file extension 8Unix unformatted manual page
 file extension 82tTI-82 text file
 file extension 89tTI-89 text file
 file extension 8xtTI-82 text
 file extension 92tTI-92 Text file
 file extension 9xtTI-89 text file
 file extension ablMaxagrid Avails data file
 file extension abtBraille2000 annotated braille text file
 file extension acAC3D geometry data
adiumhtmllog file icon file extension adiumhtmllogAdium HTML log file
adiumlog file icon file extension adiumlogAdium log file
 file extension adlADONIS models and model groups export
adt file icon file extension adtAutoCAD audit report
 file extension adwTamil transliterater/font converter
 file extension alxBlackBerry application loader
aml file icon file extension amlMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language
 file extension androidReadme file
annot file icon file extension annotAdobe Digital Editions annotations data
 file extension ansANSI text (ANSI Art)
 file extension ansiMistaken TXT file
 file extension applicationClickOnce deployment manifest
 file extension aprjApacheConf project file
 file extension apxArcPad XML file
 file extension aqtAQTitle subtitles file
 file extension arffWeka attribute-relation data
 file extension artaskRemedy User Tool shortcut
 file extension ascASCII text
 file extension asciiASCII text characters data
 file extension aslAppSight console Log file
 file extension aspASP text document
asp file icon file extension aspActive Server Page script page
 file extension assAdvanced SubStation Alpha subtitles
 file extension assocAssociate This file association database file
atc file icon file extension atcAceText collection file
 file extension attWeb Form Data file
 file extension awaActiveWords file
 file extension awbActiveWords WordBase file
 file extension awdCOREX automatic word and phoneme segmentation file
 file extension awhActiveWorlds browser help file
 file extension awpActiveWords productivity log file
 file extension axtASCII Application Object template file
ba1 file icon file extension ba1Microsoft Windows Media Center report log
 file extension badMicrosoft Exchange badmail file
bas file icon file extension basBasic source code
 file extension bbsBulletin Board System text file
 file extension bbxtBBEdit file
 file extension bcrmap&guide station list file
 file extension bdnBlu-ray BDN XML subtitle data
 file extension bdpMicrosoft Exchange diagnostic message file
 file extension bdrMicrosoft Exchange non-delivery report body file
 file extension beaBeamer song file
 file extension belBeamer layout data
 file extension bepBeamer playlist file
 file extension bigChinese text file
 file extension big5Chinese text
 file extension bkMovie Magic Screenwriter document backup file
 file extension blmEurolink comma separated value
 file extension blnGolden Software Blanking file format
 file extension blwArcView world file for bil image
 file extension bnaAtlas Boundary file
 file extension bnxBoard Neutral Exchange file
 file extension bogBinary object geometry format
box file icon file extension boxICQ 6 boxelyToolkit file
box file icon file extension boxAIM AOL Instant Messenger boxely file
bpdx file icon file extension bpdxAdobe Acrobat catalog batch PDX file
brf file icon file extension brfBraille ready format
 file extension bsdlBoundary Scan Description Language
 file extension bssBridge Base file
 file extension btBinary Template Archive
 file extension bzwBZFlag map
cag file icon file extension cagCapella gallery data file
 file extension casComma-delimited ASCII file
 file extension casciiCACTVS chemical ASCII format
 file extension ccTrojan Spymaster.A text file
 file extension cd2DATAIR Cafeteria Document System custom text
 file extension cdtImgBurn CD-text file
 file extension charsetCharacter set file
 file extension choCUHP output file
 file extension chordSong chords file
 file extension cifCaltech Intermediate Format file
 file extension cilNorton CleanSweep installation log
 file extension cknDisk Doctors licence log file
clg file icon file extension clgQIP list of ignored contacts file
cli file icon file extension cliQIP invisible list
clipping file icon file extension clippingMac Text clipping file (prior Mac OS 9)
 file extension clixCLIX command file
 file extension cm0013Device identify file
 file extension cofAutoDesk data file
 file extension confConfiguration information
 file extension cooAutoCAD Bounding Coordinates Cookie
crash file icon file extension crashApple Mac OS X Console report
 file extension crdGuitar chord file
crwl file icon file extension crwlMicrosoft Windows crawl log
 file extension csCzech language translation file
csassembly file icon file extension csassemblyICQ 6 file
csmanifest file icon file extension csmanifestICQ 6 settings file
csv file icon file extension csvComma Separated Value
 file extension ctdCardTable file
 file extension ctfCasio calculator text format file
ctl file icon file extension ctlVisual Basic control file (Active X control file)
 file extension ctlEditPlus cliptext file
 file extension ctxGE Industrial Systems CIMPLICITY text version HMI screen
 file extension datTecplot ASCII data file
 file extension dbtDatabase text memo
 file extension dcdDocument Content Description (XML) file
dce file icon file extension dceAutoCAD R2000 dialogue error log file
 file extension dddBullsEye text or style sheet file
 file extension deGerman language translation file
 file extension deaDrug Enforcement Administration record data
 file extension dectestDecimal test files
 file extension desDescription text file
 file extension descDescription file
 file extension dfeRISC OS comma separated value file
 file extension dfmDelphi Win32 form file
 file extension diiCT Summation document image information load file
 file extension diskdefinesLinux LiveCD information data
 file extension dizDescription in ZIP file
 file extension dkDanish text/localization
 file extension dkzZIP description text file
 file extension dmrBrainVoyager QX project file
 file extension dneNetica Bayesian network text file
 file extension dokASCII text file
 file extension dpText file
 file extension dpvPrintView RAW text
dqy file icon file extension dqyMicrosoft Excel ODBC query
 file extension drpDroplets data
 file extension dscTag descriptor file
 file extension dsmlDirectory Services Markup Language (DSML) identity feed file
 file extension dtdDocument Type Definition format
 file extension ecsvEncapsulated Comma Separated Value file
edml file icon file extension edmlEDML Parser-Library file
 file extension efmElectronic Fiction Manuscript file
 file extension eiaExcellon data
 file extension emulecollectioneMule collection data file
 file extension enEnglish language localization
 file extension encEncore musical notation file format
 file extension enfMusitek SmartScore Extended Notation Format file
 file extension engEnglish language localization file
 file extension errError log file
 file extension esSpanish language translation file
 file extension eswTurbo Smetchik file
 file extension etfEnriched Text Format e-mail message
 file extension etxSetext Structure Enhanced text file
 file extension eucUNIX japanese text (Kanji) file
 file extension extE-mail text attachment file
extra file icon file extension extraMozilla Firefox crash report
 file extension faqFrequently Asked Questions file
 file extension fffRISC OS ASCII text file
 file extension ffpFLAC fingerprint data
 file extension finSapir Torah text
 file extension firstFormatted text file
 file extension flrFlare decompiled ActionScript file
 file extension fmrBrainVoyager QX project file
 file extension fnxFenix Key file
 file extension fonCOREX manually verified broad phonetic transcription file
 file extension fptDatabase memo
 file extension frFrench language translation
 file extension fraFrench localization file
 file extension frmForm file
 file extension fsaFASTA DNA and Protein Sequence Alignment
 file extension fullCygwin variable log
 file extension gbfGeneral Bible Format
 file extension gdtSmartWare text graph file
 file extension genVentura Publisher generated text data
 file extension gerGerman text/html info file
 file extension gnuGnu licence file
 file extension gplGNU Public Licence text file
gthr file icon file extension gthrGather log file
 file extension gtxGX Text Word pad
 file extension guideAmigaGuide hypertext file
 file extension hdrArcView header file
hhc file icon file extension hhcHTML Help Table Of Contents file
 file extension hhsMicrosoft HTML Help Workshop sample file
 file extension hlmHelp file
 file extension hlxHelp Magician help text file
 file extension hp8NewWave Write Text file
hs file icon file extension hsJava HelpSet file
 file extension hskHuskey Truss & Building Supply point-of-sale import text file
 file extension ht3HTML file
htm file icon file extension htmHTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
html file icon file extension htmlHyperText Markup Language web page
 file extension html5HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 source
 file extension htmlsHyperText Markup Language document with server-side include
 file extension htxMicrosoft FrontPage database results
 file extension hvcASCII file
 file extension hzChinese (Hanzi) text
 file extension id31Helium Music Manager id3 tags export file
 file extension id32Helium Music Manager id3 tags export file
 file extension idcText file
 file extension idtWindows Installer exported database table
 file extension idxEasy Timesheets file
 file extension iemInformix error message file
 file extension igtxIGOR Pro text document
 file extension igvIntegrative Genomics Viewer file
igy file icon file extension igyMicrosoft Excel web query data
iif file icon file extension iifQuickBooks interchange format
 file extension illIllust Logic Puzzle file
 file extension incJAWS text file
inc file icon file extension incTotal Commander language file
inc file icon file extension incPascal file
 file extension inuseText configuration file (in use)
 file extension ionDescription file
 file extension ionMascot data file
 file extension ionNewsLeecher description file
 file extension iprIntelliJ project XML data
 file extension isrInstallShield uninstall information data
 file extension itItalian language translation file
 file extension ivpPhotoSuite image-based virtual reality text file
 file extension jaJapanese language translation file
 file extension jamJAM Message Base format file
 file extension jamAltera ASCII text file
jam file icon file extension jamJam music score file
 file extension jebPENSIM output
 file extension jisJapanese Industry Standard text file
 file extension jp1Japanese (Romaji) text file
 file extension jssJACOSub subtitle file
 file extension jtxJrju text data
 file extension kahlThink Pascal KAHL text file
 file extension karMIDI Karaoke song
 file extension kchKChess notation file
 file extension kixKiXtart script file
 file extension klgLog file
 file extension korKorean localization language file
 file extension laGNU Libtool library file
 file extension labelLabel file
 file extension lasLAS Log ASCII standard file format
 file extension layRhino 3D layer text file
 file extension ldfMicrosoft SQL Server log
 file extension linBridge Base file
 file extension linuxLinux file
 file extension linxBridge base file
lisp file icon file extension lispLISP translators file
 file extension lncFootball Manager player data
log file icon file extension logLog file
 file extension lo_Microsoft System Management Server renamed old log
 file extension lrcLyrics data
lst file icon file extension lstList text
lst file icon file extension lstMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Documenting Wizard list file
lst file icon file extension lstMicrosoft PowerPoint playlist file
lst file icon file extension lstAdobe Type Manager font list
 file extension lstFamily Tree Maker error file
 file extension lstIMail Server List Server mail file
 file extension lstIngres dump list file
 file extension ltrLetter document
 file extension lttHP Library and Tape Tools log file
 file extension ltxS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game settings
lue file icon file extension lueNorton LiveUpdate log file
 file extension lufLipikar Uniform Format file
 file extension lwdLotusWorks text document
 file extension lxfmlLEGO Digital Designer XML data
 file extension lyrLyrics file
lyt file icon file extension lytTurboTax install log file
 file extension manUnix text manual file
 file extension manifestManifest data
map file icon file extension mapMicrosoft Visual Studio Linker map file
 file extension mapOffline Explorer file
 file extension marMARC 21 Bibliographic data file
 file extension markdownMarkdown markup language file
 file extension mathmlMathematical Markup Language file
 file extension maxFRMaxView web pointer file
mcw file icon file extension mcwMacWrite II text document
 file extension mdMarkdown markup language source code
mdl file icon file extension mdlBlizzard Entertainment 3D model file
 file extension mdleMotion Description Language Extended file
 file extension mdownMarkdown markup language file
 file extension mdtextMarkdown markup language file
 file extension mdtxtMarkdown markup language file
 file extension mdwnMarkdown markup language file
me file icon file extension meReadme text file
 file extension mezRealArcade game information file
 file extension mfMetafont text font
 file extension mibManagement Information base file
 file extension mitMineEdit inventory template
 file extension mkdMarkdown markup language file
 file extension mkdnMarkdown markup language source file
 file extension moddPicture Motion Browser data
 file extension mp3Masterpoint green points file
 file extension mpsubSubtitle file
 file extension mssManuscript text file
 file extension mtxAnjal Murasu tamil text file
mtx file icon file extension mtxMicrosoft Visual Studio manual test text
 file extension mtxtMOPEKS problem file
 file extension mwMediaWiki structured text file
 file extension nbrNovaBench saved benchmark result file
 file extension nclkHTML formatted text file
 file extension ncmNokia Communicator configuration message
 file extension newNew information file
nfo file icon file extension nfoInformation readme text document
 file extension nlcNero Linux compilation file
 file extension nmbdSamba log file
 file extension nokogiriNokogiri source file
 file extension notNotation or note file
 file extension notesMemento note
 file extension nowText file
 file extension npdtMac text file
nt file icon file extension ntWindows NT command script file
 file extension nwctxtNoteWorthy Composer text file
 file extension ocrFaxGrapper FAX transcribed text file
odc file icon file extension odcMicrosoft Office database connection file
 file extension ohDrillAssistant list file
 file extension ojp3WayPack file
 file extension omnOmnipotent collection file
 file extension ooglGeomview Object Oriented Graphics Library
 file extension text document
 file extension opcMicrosoft Office 97 upgrade control file
 file extension openbsdOpenBSD readme file
opml file icon file extension opmlOPML Outline Processor Markup Language file format
 file extension ortIBM Lotus Quickr Rich Text Editor document file
 file extension osiSunNet OSI description file
osn file icon file extension osnOpen Symbolic Notation file
 file extension p3xDocument file
 file extension pacPolistream video subtitle data file
panic file icon file extension panicApple Mac OS X Console panic report file
 file extension pbdEpicentric Portal server module Java bean
 file extension pc5Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
 file extension pccPhotocomposition codes
pcl file icon file extension pclHP vector graphics
 file extension pdPure Data patchfile
 file extension pduProtocol data unit message
 file extension pfspfs:Write text file
 file extension pgwMap data
 file extension phrAdobe RoboHelp phrase file
 file extension pjsPhoenix Japanimation Society subtitle file
pl file icon file extension plPerl script language source code
 file extension plaSandisk Sansa playlist file
 file extension plairiver iQuickList playlist file
 file extension plfSalesLogix pick list text file
plist file icon file extension plistApple property XML list
 file extension plkCOREX part-of-speech tag file
 file extension plnMicrosoft Flight Simulator flight plan file
pml file icon file extension pmlMicrosoft Windows NT performance monitor log file
 file extension pmoPegasus Mail saved message file
pod file icon file extension podPerl POD-formated text
 file extension prcPalm OS resource or ebook file
 file extension prnLotus 1-2-3 formatted text
 file extension proCOREX prosodic annotation
 file extension prrAccent OFFICE Password Recovery file
 file extension psbPowerDivX subtitles file
 file extension pt3Protext formatted text data file
 file extension pvjProofVision job ticket file
 file extension pvwPortfolio saved view file
 file extension q&aQuestions and answers file
qdt file icon file extension qdtQuarkXpress auxiliary dictionary file
qud file icon file extension qudQuarkXpress auxiliary dictionary file
 file extension rbdfReading for the Blind and Dyslexic audio book with text file
rdf file icon file extension rdfResource Description Framework RSS feed
 file extension reareadme text file
 file extension readmeREADME text file
reg file icon file extension regWindows registry data
 file extension relNorton Internet Security 2001 log file
 file extension reportReport
resp file icon file extension respMicrosoft Windows report log file
 file extension restreStructuredText file
 file extension rffRoproc Format
 file extension risResearch Information Systems citation
 file extension rmlRedline Markup Language source
 file extension rstreStructuredText file
 file extension rtRich Text document
rtf file icon file extension rtfRich Text Format document
 file extension rtlText file
 file extension rtxRich Text document
 file extension ruRussian text or localization file
 file extension rusRussian text or localization file
 file extension rzkFile Crypt password file
 file extension rznRed Zion E-book notes file
 file extension s19Motorola EEPROM programming data
 file extension s2kSasami2K Subtitle file
 file extension s2sSRT2SUP native subtitle format
 file extension samiSynchronized Accessible Media Interchange file format
 file extension sbvYouTube captions data
 file extension sctLotus Notes screen capture text file
 file extension sdnfSteel Detailing Neutral File
 file extension senSenTest test results
 file extension seqCommodore text file
 file extension set3WayPack file
 file extension sfbSony Playstation 3 game disc description data
 file extension sgpSitestepper file
 file extension sha1SHA-1 text hash
 file extension sha512SHA512 hash
 file extension skSlovak language translation
 file extension skcardBorland Sidekick contact file
 file extension skvSemicolon separated values file
 file extension smaliGoogle Android Smali Assembly Language developer data
 file extension smfSystem Monitor session
 file extension smiMicrosoft SAMI subtitles
 file extension smsSony Ericsson exported SMS file
 file extension snwSweave source file
 file extension soapSimple Object Access Protocol Message (SOAP) message
 file extension soundscriptRigs of Rods sound script description file
 file extension spaSpanish localization language file
 file extension specSpecification file
 file extension spgMOIRA text file
 file extension spnSpanish readme file
spx file icon file extension spxApple System Profiler computer information data
srt file icon file extension srtSubRip video subtitle format
 file extension srtWebSRT movie subtitle file format
 file extension srxSPARQL Query Results XML format result
 file extension ssaSubStation Alpha subtitle data
 file extension ssfSubtitle file
 file extension st1DigiTitle Master subtitle file
 file extension stqStatSoft Statistica text file
strings file icon file extension stringsApple Mac strings
sub file icon file extension subDivX movie subtitle file format
 file extension synCOREX syntactic annotations file
t file icon file extension tMicrosoft Windows Notepad text file
 file extension t2tTxt2tags text document file
 file extension tabTab separated value file
 file extension tbdDansk System Industr text file
 file extension tblTable data
 file extension tceTLE File Format file
 file extension tcmINMOS Transputer Development System Occam comment text file
 file extension tdfProject Pluto Guide text definition file
 file extension tdumpJIRA thread dump
 file extension tedDVICO Tvix log file
 file extension textText file
 file extension textyBook text file
 file extension textMarkdown markup language file
textclipping file icon file extension textclippingMac Text clipping file (after Mac OS 9)
 file extension textileEclipse IDE WikiText document
 file extension tfwArcView world data
 file extension tgfTrival Graph Format
 file extension thmlTheological HTML
thp file icon file extension thpTurboTax text string file
 file extension tlbVAX text library
 file extension tleTLE File Format file
 file extension tlxWintertree spell-checking dictionaries
 file extension tlxTechnics Sx KN 6000 keyboard text lyrics file
 file extension tmTeXmacs document
 file extension tmprtfTimeMap portable file format
 file extension tmxTranslation memory eXchange file
tnef file icon file extension tnefTransport neutral encapsulation format file
 file extension tphTurbo Pascal Help file
 file extension tplTNTedit text template file
 file extension trnSTN Express transcript text file
 file extension trtDLocalizer translations file
 file extension tsvTab Separated Values file
tt file icon file extension ttMicrosoft Visual Studio text template
ttbl file icon file extension ttblTTPlayer play list file
 file extension tteTextTransformer file
 file extension ttfQuartus II tabular text file
ttpl file icon file extension ttplTTPLayer play list file
ttxt file icon file extension ttxtApple SimpleText file
 file extension tx88-bit DOS ASCII text file
 file extension tx?LoseThos text file
 file extension txaClarion exported to text format file
 file extension txaMidas ViewPoint text array list
 file extension txdClarion for Windows application code in text format
 file extension txeEnriched text file
 file extension txhLight markup language text file
 file extension txkKaraoke song lyrics
txt file icon file extension txtSimple text
txt file icon file extension txtAscii text parameter description data
 file extension txtSubtitles
 file extension u3iU3 application information file
 file extension uaxUnified Application eXchange format
 file extension uhtmluHTML document
 file extension ukEnglish (British) language translation
 file extension unauthSiteMinder unauthorized message file
 file extension uniUnicode text file
 file extension unxUnix readme document
 file extension usEnglish language translation
 file extension usaAmerican English localization language file
 file extension userMicrosoft Visual Studio project user options file
 file extension usfCore Media Player XML universal subtitle format file
 file extension usgPC-Doctor for Windows file
 file extension utf8Unicode UTF-8 encoded text
 file extension utxUnicode file
 file extension utxtUnicode text file
 file extension v2tVoyage200 text file
ver file icon file extension verVersion description
 file extension vetVentrilo event text file
 file extension vfkCzech Cadastral Exchange Data Format
 file extension vhdQuartus II VHDL Design File
 file extension vhdlQuartus II VHDL design
 file extension visVISkompakt objects description file
 file extension vkpSony Ericsson firmware patch
vmg file icon file extension vmgNokia saved text message
 file extension vnaNetDraw data
vsmproj file icon file extension vsmprojMicrosoft Visual Studio unicode based macro project
vw file icon file extension vwVolkswriter text file
vw3 file icon file extension vw3Volkswriter 3 text file
vxml file icon file extension vxmlVoiceXML source file
wer file icon file extension werMicrosoft Windows application error report
 file extension wirMENTOR Expedition Tool file
 file extension wkfKF Web Server default control file
 file extension wnNeXT WriteNow text document
 file extension wrdCOREX manually verified word segmentation file

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