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List of common microsoft office file extensions

List of documents and other files that originate from Microsoft Offcie productivity suite.

Common microsoft office files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of microsoft office files contains now 98 file types. Show all microsoft office file types.

accdb file icon accdb 

An accdb file extension is used by Microsoft Access from version 2007 for its main database format. A previous binary format had mdb file extension instead. Access is one of the most used personal database management systems.

accdt file icon accdt 

Files with accdt suffix can be usually found as database templates for Microsoft Access database management software. Introduced first in version 2007.

doc file icon doc 

doc file extension is commonly used for text documents created in Microsoft Word word processor prior version 2003. Word's DOC documents can be opened in almost every (if not every) other word processor, such as Writer or iWork Pages.

docm file icon docm 

A docm file extension is used for default macro-enabled document format of latest versions of Microsoft Word. Such documents may contain additional VBA scripts or macros, that enhance some functions of the Word document.

docx file icon docx 

Files with docx file extension are documents written and saved using Microsoft Word word processor edition 2007 or later. DOCX format replaced the previously used DOC format, moving from a binary files to Open XML schema based documents. Supported in almost every modern word processing tools.

dot file icon dot 

A dot file extension is used by Microsoft Word, a word processor that is distributed as a part of Microsoft Office. A dot file contains document template (predefined document type and format). A dot file extension is used by Microsoft Word 97 to 2003.

dotm file icon dotm 

A dotm file extension is related to Microsoft Word 2007 and later. A dotm file stores Open XML macro-enabled document template.

dotx file icon dotx 

A dotx file extension is used for a main open XML document template format of Microsoft Word. Templates are generally used to save predefined look and settings of documents for quick creation of documents that have same look. DOTX format is a successor to previously used DOT format. Some other word processors are also able to open dotx files, however they wont probably use most of the Microsoft Word specific formatting.

mdb file icon mdb 

An mdb file extension is used by Microsoft Access database management system for its main database files. MDB format was replaced in later version of Microsoft Office by ACCDB format. Access mdb databases can usually be opened in or imported to most database management systems, such as dBase, Oracle etc.

mpd file icon mpd 

Files with mpd file extension can be mainly found as databases from Microsoft Project program.

mpp file icon mpp 

Files with mpp file extension can be usually found as plans (projects) made using Microsoft Project project management software program developed by Microsoft.

mpt file icon mpt 

Files with mpt file extension can be typically found as projects templates for the Microsoft Project program.

office file type icon oft 

An oft file extension is used for Microsoft Outlook e-mail message template files. oft files are used for specifying future e-mail documents to use the predefined formatting. Microsoft Outlook e-mail message template files can be stored in three file formats: plain text, HTML document format and Rich Text Format (RTF).

one file icon one 

A one file extension is used for the default document format of OneNote, personal information management program from Microsoft Office tool. A one file can contain various types of information, such as text notes, images, video clips etc.

office file type icon onepkg 

Files with onepkg file extension can be found as note bundles created with the Microsoft OneNote. It is basically an archive that contains one or more notes saved together.

pot file icon pot 

Files with pot file extension can be found as PowerPoint templates for version 97 to 2003. Used to quickly create presentations with same layout and settings.

potx file icon potx 

A potx file extension is associated with templates for presentations created in latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

pps file icon pps 

A pps file extension is associated with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software and used for slideshow documents. PPS PowerPoint's slide shows are basically sequences of screens, often used for presentation purposes.   

ppsx file icon ppsx 

A ppsx file extension is used for presentation slide shows created in the popular presentations maker Microsoft PowerPoint. PPSX format is used for complete slideshows that also may include audio or video effects.

ppt file icon ppt 

A ppt file extension is traditionally used for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentation can contain text, pictures, audio or video data. Sometimes also called slide shows.

pptm file icon pptm 

Files with pptm file extension are related to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software distributed as a part of Microsoft Office suite. A pptm file stores presentation with enabled macros.

pptx file icon pptx 

A pptx file extension is used for the default presentation format of latest editions of PowerPoint from Microsoft Office. PowerPoint slide shows are basically set of screens which can include text, graphic, sounds or videos used for various presentation purposes.

pst file icon pst 

A pst file extension is used for storage file format of Microsoft Outlook. PST file contains stored emails, calendars, contacts in one single file.

pub file icon pub 

Files with pub file extension are in most cases documents created in Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing application from Microsoft Office suite. PUB documents are much more complex than common Word files and give more emphasis to design and page layout, rather than actual text.

snp file icon snp 

Files with snp file extension are most notably known to be snapshots generated from older Microsoft Access databases. Used for viewing purposes only.

thmx file icon thmx 

A thmx file extension is used for themes for Microsoft Office that can customize the appearance of documents created in the program. Its some sort of universal looking template across all supported Office applications - Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

vsd file icon vsd 

Files with vsd file extension can be most notably found as flowcharts and diagrams created in older versions of Microsoft Visio program.

office file type icon vsdx 

Files with vsdx file extension are almost always graphics diagrams made and saved in latest versions of Microsoft Visio diagramming program.

xls file icon xls 

An xls file extension is traditionally used for spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel. A spreadsheet is basically a grid of cells sorted in rows and columns. Each cell can contain text, numeric or formula data. Excel XLS spreadsheets can be opened in most other similar programs, such as Calc.

xlsm file icon xlsm 

Files with xlsm extension are used for workbooks of spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel that also include macros, that enhance the functionality of the spreadsheet but some automation features. Other spreadsheets might open xlsm files as well, however they most likely wont be able to use the Excel specific formatting and macros.

xlsx file icon xlsx 

An xlsx file extension is used by Microsoft Excel for its workbooks (spreadsheets) in Office Open XML format. XLSX is the latest spreadsheet format used by Excel with adoption of XML formatting first used in Office 2000. While older xls files were binary in nature, xlsx spreadsheets are using somewhat altered XML scheme.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of microsoft office files contains now 98 file types. Show all microsoft office files.

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