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File extensions used for backup formats are other file backup security related file types

List of common backup files

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File extensions used for backup formats are other file backup security related file types.

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 file extension outNovaBACKUP backup
 file extension nvVisicontrol MVS-20 non-volatile memory backup
arc file icon file extension arcNorton backup archive
 file extension nmpbNavicat for MariaDB backup profile
 file extension obkGenie Outlook backup
 file extension kb2Carroll-Net Kleo backup
 file extension dkbDataKeeper backup
 file extension nduSymbian phone backup
sim file icon file extension simSteam game backup information
 file extension qibIntuit backup
 file extension tbkThe Bat! backup hives
nrh file icon file extension nrhNero Hybrid CD-ROM compilation
 file extension acrAcer eRecovery Management backup
 file extension flbVersaPro folder backup
 file extension sunFirefox bookmark backup file
 file extension cbkGiza specifier drawing backup
 file extension rgmbRootsMagic backup data
 file extension ctxNokia PC Suite backup contact
 file extension pmbNavicat for MariaDB backup
 file extension zw3EPLAN standard sheet backup
 file extension cmfHP Connected Backup backup
 file extension bckVMX backup
 file extension tbkMemo backup
 file extension ldbLingoes backup
 file extension bakTHEOS backup text
 file extension snsSave-N-Sync backup project
 file extension palPersonal Ancestral data
 file extension bprBackupXpress project
bws file icon file extension bwsWebsite X5 project backup
r11 file icon file extension r11Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension gsmsGameSave Manager settings backup
svg file icon file extension svgMicrosoft Word glossary backup
 file extension dbqSmartWare backup query definition
 file extension bakEssbase backup of security data
 file extension ezpAutoCAD ecscad project backup
 file extension tmbMovie Magic Screenwriter document timed backup
 file extension ~mnNorton Commander menu backup
udif file icon file extension udifApple Mac Universal Disk Image Format
 file extension buSAP Business One backup data
 file extension nvfVisicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile memory backup
 file extension bakAcqURL bookmarks backup
r17 file icon file extension r17Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension ck9DVN Cook'n cookbook backup
r15 file icon file extension r15Norton Ghost rar file
ob file icon file extension obABF Outlook Backup backup
 file extension vbkVisualCADD backup
 file extension loaderbackupBlackBerry backup
 file extension zw2EPLAN symbols backup
 file extension edkOS/2 saved SKF format
inc file icon file extension incMicrosoft Backup incremental backup
 file extension psaParallels Plesk Panel backup
 file extension crashedAbiWord crash-saved document
 file extension ldbPowerDesigner logical data model backup
 file extension ezcAutoCAD ecscad component backup
 file extension p3cPrimavera Project Planner compressed backup
 file extension fifSpinRite hard disk fingerprint
 file extension bakCanvas drawing backup
 file extension dataAcronis True Image continuous data protection backup
 file extension asvGeneric autosave
abk file icon file extension abkCorelDRAW automatic backup file
bk9 file icon file extension bk9Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension nu3Symantec Norton Utilities backup
 file extension rbcRoxio Retrospect backup catalogue
r00 file icon file extension r00Norton Ghost rar archive
r20 file icon file extension r20Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension prvPrevious version
 file extension sbkSevilla backup
 file extension bpaStorageSync backup archive
 file extension llxLabVIEW library backup
 file extension dnaCA Backup and Migration backup
 file extension iabDB/TextWorks image annotation list backup
 file extension fptNovaBACKUP backup database related information
 file extension scpAtari disk image
 file extension nabNovell GroupWise backup
 file extension msbcmMicrosoft Business Contact Manager backup
 file extension fbDR-DOS backup
 file extension optFirmware file backup
 file extension mobilebackupsApple macOS backup
 file extension in0INI file backup
 file extension ebfEARS definition backup
 file extension pcvMove Me moving van file
 file extension btxSmartWare backup text file
r22 file icon file extension r22Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension ~cpBorland C++ Builder source backup
 file extension p05PAR recovery volume
 file extension fzbform-Z backup
 file extension safeWM Keeper CLASSIC purse file backup
 file extension i5sIUCLID compressed backup
 file extension bk1CA ERwin Data Modeler backup
 file extension bakTED5 backup
bcm file icon file extension bcmMicrosoft Works communications script backup
 file extension totalsbackupKedisoft Totals database backup
datbak0 file icon file extension datbak0Miranda data file backup
 file extension jpsAkeeba Backup backup archive
 file extension vsrCpcam backup video surveillance data
 file extension gebSybase PowerDesigner glossary model backup
 file extension mbsyncstatembsync folder backup
 file extension pb1Backup Mill backup
 file extension mtbMediaTracker database backup
 file extension bbPapyrus database backup
 file extension racUltraEdit autorecovery data
asv file icon file extension asvQuarkXpress autosave file
 file extension vfs3NUVICO EasyNet backup
 file extension wmb2Static Windows Mail Backup archive
 file extension dbkTreepad database backup
 file extension pqbPowerQuest BootMagic master boot backup
r14 file icon file extension r14Norton Ghost rar image
nsd file icon file extension nsdNero Super Video CD compilation
 file extension npfNTI paritition backup
r09 file icon file extension r09Norton Ghost rar image
r27 file icon file extension r27Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension crdsMicrosoft Windows CardSpace backup
r07 file icon file extension r07Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension d~lCreative DLL copy
 file extension hdbNero hard disk backup file
 file extension ibfInstant Backup Archive backup archive
 file extension zw7EPLAN dictionaries backup
 file extension aeaGoogle AdWords Editor archive
 file extension mdrMAX II recovery data
 file extension 001Multimedia Fusion backup
r02 file icon file extension r02Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension oyxIBM Lotus Approach alternate database index
 file extension 92bTI-92 backup
sat file icon file extension satMozilla Firefox bookmark backup
 file extension bbzBeBuzz backup
nhv file icon file extension nhvNero Burning ROM HD-BURN-Video compilation
cmb file icon file extension cmbQIP Infium contact list backup file
 file extension zw8EPLAN configuration data backup
bk1 file icon file extension bk1Autodesk AutoCAD backup
 file extension 73bTI-73 backup
 file extension bdcSmartWare Word Processor backup file
 file extension dmbkDocument Manager backup
r19 file icon file extension r19Norton Ghost rar archive
r24 file icon file extension r24Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension zw4EPLAN forms backup file
bckp file icon file extension bckpAd-Aware quarantined data
 file extension bvsSmartWare backup standard view
r25 file icon file extension r25Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension oebOutlook Express Backup Wizard file
 file extension bkSamsung Notes backup
r05 file icon file extension r05Norton Ghost rar archive
r06 file icon file extension r06Norton Ghost rar archive
r23 file icon file extension r23Norton Ghost rar archive
r26 file icon file extension r26Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension cpsQEMM backup
bdb file icon file extension bdbQuickBooks timer backup file
abkprj file icon file extension abkprjAshampoo Burning Studio backup project file
 file extension nspbNavicat for SQL Server backup profile
 file extension rb1Trend AntiVirus backup
 file extension camHouseCall AUTOEXEC.BAT backup
r08 file icon file extension r08Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension jbackupThe Journal backup archive
r12 file icon file extension r12Norton Ghost rar archive
 file extension drtEPOS data recovery tool working file
 file extension lidScholar's Aid library backup file
 file extension dpbDVD Profiler backup
 file extension pmz4Power Music backup archive file
 file extension mdoMicrosoft Internet Information Server configuration backup
 file extension rbfRoxio Retrospect backup file
 file extension bksIBM BookManager read bookshelf backup
 file extension ewbEwisoft eCommerce Builder backup file
nab file icon file extension nabAudiobook CD compilation
 file extension bkySmartWare backup keyboard file
 file extension bp2SmartWare backup project file
zaloha file icon file extension zalohaMiranda IM backup file
 file extension partimg.gzPartimage disk image file
 file extension dmfPacked Amiga disk image file
 file extension pd4DFSee partition table and boot sector backup
 file extension sdcStardock Central download archive file
r04 file icon file extension r04Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension ob5TopLang OE Backup file
 file extension pd3DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup
 file extension xbkXenServer backup
 file extension partimg.bz2Partimage disk image file
 file extension nppbNavicat for PostgreSQL backup profile
 file extension sabSevilla automatic backup file
 file extension nlpbNavicat for SQLite backup profile
r03 file icon file extension r03Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension obakWinSQL offline backup file
 file extension mprMusic Publisher backup data file
 file extension partimgPartimage disk image file
 file extension key-backupbyhdinspectorportableHard Drive Inspector Windows Registry key backup
 file extension mpbMusic Publisher backup
 file extension dsbDell DataSafe Local Backup archive
 file extension bk1FlashGet database backup
 file extension swpBorland Sprint document backup
 file extension bp3SmartWare backup project file
 file extension bwsSmartWare backup worksheet file
 file extension nt8bkNinjaTrader backup
 file extension ntbkNinjaTrader backup
 file extension 82bTI-82 backup
 file extension rmgbRootsMagic database backup

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