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File extensions used for bitmap images and raster graphics files

List of common bitmap images

Bitmap image file extension list

File extensions used for bitmap images and raster graphics files.

Bitmap, raster graphics file formats are generally photo or picture images consisting of pixels in a grid. Each pixel in the image contains information about the color to be displayed.
Bitmap images have a fixed resolution and cannot be resized without losing image quality. Most known bitmap-based formats are e.g. JPG, (JPEG), GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP (bitmap images), DJVU and many others. Professional photographers use RAW image file formats. Most bitmap images can be converted to other bitmap-based formats very easily by many graphics converters and viewers. Bitmap images tend to have much large file sizes than vector graphics and they are often compressed to reduce their size.

Although many graphics formats are bitmap-based, this file extension list doesn't contain all possible file types that using raster graphics, but is limited mainly to bitmaps without any other graphics and DTP content (layers, texts, efects, vector graphics, objects, page layout etc.). More complex graphics file types are stored separately in Graphics, DTP file types or Vector graphic file types categories.

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 file extension 0-rPNG image
 file extension 00_jpg_srbJPEG bitmap image
 file extension 00_jpg_srzWix compressed picture image
 file extension 00_png_srzWix Portable Network Graphic image
 file extension 1-pPNG picture image
 file extension 10xGemini 10x printer bitmap graphics
16 file icon file extension 16ISOLINUX splash screen graphic (LSS16)
 file extension 1scBio-Rad scan data
 file extension 24b24-bit graphic data
 file extension 256Atari picture image
2bp file icon file extension 2bpPocket PC bitmap
 file extension 2dAmapi graphics
 file extension 3ZX Spectrum picture image
301 file icon file extension 301Brooktrout 301 image
 file extension 3rArbortext Advanced Print Publisher raster image
 file extension 4miAtariTools-800 4 missiles
 file extension 4plAtariTools-800 4 players
 file extension 4ppPhotoParade slideshow file
 file extension 600xBitmap picture image
 file extension 695RISC OS GIF image file
 file extension 697RISC OS PCX bitmap image file
 file extension 69cRISC OS BMP Windows bitmap image file
73i file icon file extension 73iTI bitmap picture
82i file icon file extension 82iTI bitmap file
83i file icon file extension 83iTI bitmap file
85i file icon file extension 85iTI bitmap image
86i file icon file extension 86iTI bitmap file
89i file icon file extension 89iTI bitmap file
 file extension 8xiTI-83/84 Plus picture
92i file icon file extension 92iTI bitmap picture
 file extension 9xiTexas Instruments TI-92 Plus bitmap image
 file extension a4rAnime 4ever picture image
 file extension a8Cubicomp PictureMaker 3D animation data
 file extension aaiDune HD Player AAI graphics image
 file extension aasC64 Art Studio picture image
 file extension abtABC-View Manager thumbnail
 file extension acbmAmiga Continuous Bitmap format
 file extension accMS Image Composer data
 file extension accountpicture-msMicrosoft Windows account picture
ace file icon file extension aceAces200 image
 file extension achSpeccy ZX Spectrum snapshot
acorn file icon file extension acornAcorn drawing
 file extension acrBitmap graphics
acr file icon file extension acrDicom medicine image file format
 file extension adcScanstudio 16 colours bitmap graphics
 file extension adexAdex bitmap graphics
 file extension adxALSee thumbnail file
 file extension afiAperio AFI picture image
 file extension aflAFLI-editor picture image
 file extension agifActive GIF Creator project
 file extension agpArtGem project file
 file extension agpAtariTools-800 picture image
 file extension ahfBitmap graphics
 file extension ahrpApple II+ image
 file extension aicAdvanced Image Coding
aid file icon file extension aidACDSee Classic thumbnail data
 file extension aimSCANCO Medical image format
 file extension aioBitmap file
 file extension aisAlto subsystem AIS (Array' of Intensity Samples) file
alias file icon file extension aliasAlias image
 file extension allAtari picture image
als file icon file extension alsAlias bitmap image
anv file icon file extension anvAirNav image file
 file extension ap2Atari picture image
 file extension ap3Atari picture image
 file extension apalbumApple Aperture album
 file extension apcAtari picture image
 file extension apdACDSee picture image file
 file extension aplAtari Player Editor picture image
apm file icon file extension apmAldus Placeable metafile image
 file extension apnAlpine wallpaper
 file extension apngAnimated portable network graphics
 file extension appAtari picture image
 file extension aptAPT encoded bitmap image
 file extension apvAtari picture image
apx file icon file extension apxAbility Photopaint picture image
 file extension arfFITS auxiliary response file
 file extension arfAxon RAW Format
arn file icon file extension arnAstronomical Research Network image format
 file extension arsAries (DIPIX) image
 file extension artAscii-Art Editor picture image
 file extension artArt Director for Atari ST picture image
 file extension artworkArtStudio image file
 file extension arwArtStudio image file
 file extension asiARTstor image
atk file icon file extension atkAndrew Toolkit raster object
 file extension atrZX Spectrum attributes
att file icon file extension attAT&T Group 4 bitmap graphics file
 file extension avifAV1 Image File Format
avs file icon file extension avsStardent AVS X bitmap image
 file extension avtSavy Soda Avatar for iPhone avatar file
 file extension axiAxon Image format
b&w file icon file extension b&wBitmap image
b16 file icon file extension b16PCO image
 file extension b60RISC OS PNG bitmap image
 file extension b8Bitmap picture image
 file extension ba0B.O.U.T. Evolution texture
 file extension ba2B.O.U.T. Evolution low res texture file
 file extension bayCasio RAW picture image file
 file extension bb2BBC Micro picture image
 file extension bb4BBC Micro picture image
 file extension bb5BBC Micro picture image
 file extension bbmDeluxe Paint bitmap image
 file extension bdfX11 Bitmap Distribution Format
 file extension beamAmiga multi-palette file
bfl file icon file extension bflBFLI image format
bfli file icon file extension bfliBFLI image format
 file extension bg9Atari picture image
bga file icon file extension bgaOS/2 graphic array
 file extension bgbBeck Graphics Bitmap
 file extension bgpBugbiter APAC239i picture image
bie file icon file extension bieJBIG image
bif file icon file extension bifbyLight image format
big file icon file extension bigMichelin autoroute maps image file
 file extension bilSatellite image file
 file extension bilArcView band interleaved by line image format
 file extension bipArcView band interleaved by pixel image
 file extension bitX11 bitmap picture
 file extension bitmapX Window System bitmap image
 file extension bkgMovie Maker background
 file extension blBinary linework TIFF bitmap
 file extension bl1DEGAS Elite block
 file extension bl2DEGAS Elite block
 file extension bl3DEGAS Elite block
blz file icon file extension blzBitmap graphic file
bm file icon file extension bmX Windows system bitmap image
 file extension bm2Subspace/Continuum bitmap graphic
 file extension bmlBPM Studio skin bitmap
 file extension bmlFLI Graph picture image
bmp file icon file extension bmpStandard Windows bitmap image
 file extension bmpAlpha Microsystem image
 file extension bmp24Bitmap graphic file
 file extension bmppMicrosoft Windows bitmap image
 file extension bmp_Standard Windows Bitmap image file
 file extension bmxBMXdesign extended bitmap graphic file
 file extension bmzCompressed bitmap image
bob file icon file extension bobBOB Raytracer bitmap image
 file extension bpBinary Picture TIFF image
 file extension bpgBetter Portable Graphics picture image
 file extension bppBatchPhoto project file
bpt file icon file extension bptCorelDRAW bitmap master data
bpx file icon file extension bpxTruevision Targa bitmap image
 file extension bruDEGAS Elite brush
 file extension brushXerox Doodle Brush bitmap image
 file extension bsqArcView band sequential image
btn file icon file extension btnJust Buttons animated picture
 file extension btpcBTPC encoded bitmap file
 file extension bucACDSee BUC image file
bum file icon file extension bumPoser bump files image format
bw file icon file extension bwSilicon Graphics image file
 file extension bwcBeadWizard color palette
 file extension c4JEDMICS bitmap picture
 file extension c85RISC OS JPEG bitmap image file
 file extension ca1CrackArt picture image
 file extension ca2CrackArt picture image
 file extension ca3CrackArt picture image
cal file icon file extension calCALS Raster image
cam file icon file extension camCasio QV digital CAMera image
can file icon file extension canCanon Navigator fax document
cbm file icon file extension cbmBitmap image format
 file extension cccCurtain Call bitmap image
 file extension cchPhotomodeler photochip thumbnail
 file extension cciChampions' Interlace compressed picture image
 file extension ccrfCalcomp raster bitmap image file
 file extension cd5Chasys Draw image
 file extension cdgCompact Disc Plus picture image file
cdr3 file icon file extension cdr3CorelDRAW 3 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr4 file icon file extension cdr4CorelDRAW 4 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr5 file icon file extension cdr5CorelDRAW 5 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr6 file icon file extension cdr6CorelDRAW 6 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdrw file icon file extension cdrwCorelDRAW for Mac file
 file extension cdrzipDICOM compressed image
ce file icon file extension ceDigital Vision Computer Eyes IFF bitmap file
 file extension cegTempra Show bitmap graphic file
cel file icon file extension celLumena CEL bitmap image
 file extension cexThumbsPlus image file
 file extension cfpCoverFactory bitmap native format
 file extension cg4CALS Group IV bitmap graphics
 file extension cheCheese picture image
 file extension chsOric font
 file extension cimC Text Mode image file
 file extension cimgCImg image file
cin file icon file extension cinKodak Cineon image
 file extension cinChampions' Interlace picture image
 file extension clgxCollage Maker collage
 file extension clipClip Studio Paint picture image
 file extension clpBitmap image
cmp file icon file extension cmpDiscorp CMP JPEG image file format
 file extension cmpLEAD 1BIT bitmap picture
cmu file icon file extension cmuCMU Window Manager bitmap image
cmyk file icon file extension cmykRaw cyan, magenta, yellow and black bytes bitmap image
cmyka file icon file extension cmykaRaw cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and alpha samples image
 file extension cngNational Geographic image
 file extension colTechnicolor Dream picture image
 file extension copCapture One preview image
 file extension coreCore bitmap image file
 file extension cpaPrism picture image
 file extension cpbitmapApple iPhone bitmap wallpaper
cpd file icon file extension cpdCorelDRAW Corel PrintOffice drawing
 file extension cpdCompression PhotoDefiner image
 file extension cphCorel Print House printing project
 file extension cprTrzmiel compressed picture image
 file extension cptCorel PHOTO-PAINT bitmap image
 file extension cptCanvas for Atari ST picture image
 file extension crIris CT format bitmap image
 file extension crfCalcomp raster file
 file extension crsOpton scanner file
 file extension cs1Sinar CaptureShop picture image
ct file icon file extension ctIRIS CT image file
 file extension ctSciTex continuous Tone bitmap image (32bit CMYK)
 file extension ctContone printer file
 file extension ctfGammaFax TIFF compressed file
 file extension cubeCubicomp/Vertigo image
cut file icon file extension cutDr. Halo bitmap format
 file extension cutCut Creator picture image
 file extension cvsCanvas bitmap or vector image
 file extension cwgCreate with Garfield picture image
 file extension cwgrClarisWorks drawing file
 file extension cwptClarisWorks Painting drawing file
 file extension d3dDeltaVision image file
 file extension d3sNikon image format
 file extension d3xNikon image format
 file extension dahAutoPlay Media Studio splash image
 file extension dc1DuneGraph compressed picture image
 file extension dcimDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image
dcm file icon file extension dcmDicom medicine image file format
 file extension dctDALiM LiTHO continuous tone bitmap
dcx file icon file extension dcxZsoft PC Publisher's Paintbrush picture
 file extension ddbDevice dependent bitmap graphics
dds file icon file extension ddsDirectDraw surface data
 file extension delDelmPaint picture image
design file icon file extension designMicrosoft Expression Design drawing
 file extension dg1DuneGraph picture image
 file extension dgcDuneGraph compressed picture image
 file extension dgfTajima Embroidery Design thumbnail file
 file extension dgiAtari picture image
 file extension dgpATARI picture image
 file extension dguDuneGraph picture image
 file extension dhpDr. Halo II-III bitmap file
 file extension dhrAmiga multi-palette file
 file extension dhrApple II bitmap image
 file extension dhrpApple IIe or Apple IIc double hi-res image file
dib file icon file extension dibDevice-Independent bitmap graphics
 file extension dicMedicine image
 file extension dicmDICOM medicine picture
 file extension dicomMedicine image file format
 file extension dinAtari picture image
dip file icon file extension dipWindows bitmap format
dis file icon file extension disDKB ray-tracer image file
 file extension dlmDir Logo Maker picture image
 file extension dlpDrazlace picture image
 file extension dngAdobe Digital Negative
 file extension dolDolphin Ed picture image
 file extension dphDelmPaint picture image
dpx file icon file extension dpxDigital Moving Picture Exchange graphics
 file extension drAmiga multi-palette file
 file extension drgDigital Raster Graphics
 file extension drgAtari CAD bitmap image
 file extension drlDrazlace picture image
 file extension drpDraz Paint picture image
 file extension drvTraverse PC Desktop drawing file
 file extension drw2Canvas 3.5 drawing
 file extension drw5Canvas 5 drawing file
dt2 file icon file extension dt2Microsoft Live Messenger avatar
 file extension dtwMy Better Desktop Wallpaper file
 file extension du1Atari ST picture image
 file extension du2Atari ST picture image
 file extension duoAtari ST picture image
 file extension dvDeltaVision image
 file extension dvsDeepVision sonar data
 file extension dziPhotoSynth Deep Zoom Image
 file extension ebmpEBMP bitmap format
 file extension eciECI Graphic Editor picture image
 file extension ecpECI Graphic Editor compressed picture image
ecw file icon file extension ecwEnhanced Compressed Wavelet image format
 file extension edEdmics MMR fax image
 file extension ed5EDMICS picture image
 file extension egaEGA bitmap file
 file extension egcGIF Creator project
ei file icon file extension eiElectric Image image format
eidi file icon file extension eidiElectric Image EIDI file
emf file icon file extension emfEnhanced Windows Metafile picture
 file extension eosatLANDSAT/EOSAT Satellite picture data image format
epa file icon file extension epaAward BIOS Logo image format
eri file icon file extension eriERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image) image format
 file extension escATARI picture image
esm file icon file extension esmEnhanced Simplex image
 file extension eveEmbedded Vector Editor diagram
 file extension exifExchangeable image file
 file extension expBD Pathway image file
 file extension exrOpenEXR Image Format
 file extension ezpMegaView image
fac file icon file extension facUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image
face file icon file extension faceUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image file
 file extension falBitmap graphics image header information Q0
fbm file icon file extension fbmFuzzy bitmap image
 file extension fd2FLI Designer picture image
 file extension ff0RISC OS TIFF bitmap image
 file extension ff9Acorn RISC OS bitmap image sprite
fff file icon file extension fffMaggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics image
 file extension ffliFlickering Flexible Line Interpretation format
 file extension ffpxMicrosoft Fresh Paint picture image
 file extension fgdDigital raster graphic metadata
 file extension fgsHires-Bitmap picture image
fi file icon file extension fiFlash Image image
 file extension fidoKodak Cineon image format
 file extension fifFractal Image Format file
 file extension filSymbian application logo file
 file extension fliFLI Graph picture image
 file extension flifFree Lossless Image Format
 file extension fltFringe Processor image
 file extension fmjFaceMorpher project file
 file extension fpVinal Page Vector TIFF image
 file extension fp2Funpaint picture image
fpg file icon file extension fpgDIV Games Studio Multi Map image format
 file extension fpixFlashPix bitmap image
 file extension fposPhoto Pos Pro image file
 file extension fppxMicrosoft Fresh Paint painting
 file extension fprFun Photor template
 file extension fptFace Painter picture image
 file extension frdatABBYY Finereader file
fre file icon file extension freMale MRI (Male Normal CT) image format
 file extension frfGinga X-Ray first reduction file
 file extension frmCorel Painter frame stack file
fsy file icon file extension fsyPhotoFantasy Image picture
 file extension ftcAtari Falcon True Color format
 file extension funFunpaint picture image
 file extension fwaFun with Art picture image
 file extension fxrWinFax image
 file extension g00Clannad picture image
 file extension g09ATARI picture image
 file extension g10Atari Graphics 10 picture image
 file extension g11Atari Graphics 11 picture image
 file extension g1rCasio Model 9860 image file
 file extension g3pCasio Prizm graphics
gaf file icon file extension gafTotal Annihilation animated bitmap format
 file extension garGoogle avatar file
 file extension gbmMapServer bitmap store file
 file extension gbpGenesis Enterprise bitmap pattern file
 file extension gcdC64 picture image file format
 file extension ge5MSX Screen 5 picture image
 file extension ge7MSX Screen 7 picture image
 file extension gelMolecular Dynamics image
 file extension gfbGIFBlast compressed GIF image file
 file extension gfbDeskPic for Atari ST picture image
gg file icon file extension ggKoala Paint compressed image
 file extension ghgGephard Hires Graphics picture image
gif file icon file extension gifGraphics interchange file format
 file extension gif89aGIF 89a image
giff file icon file extension giffCompuServe bitmap image(Graphics Interchange Format)
 file extension gif_160x120GIF image
 file extension gif~c200Graphics Interchange Format
 file extension gigKoala Painter picture image
 file extension gihGIMP animated brush
 file extension gihHires-Bitmap picture image
 file extension gisErdas gray-scale bitmap image
gm file icon file extension gmAutologic bitmap image
gm4 file icon file extension gm4Autologic bitmap image
 file extension gmbckGame Maker background image
 file extension godGodPaint picture image
 file extension gooKai's Power Goo picture
 file extension gpdGraphic PhotoDefiner image file
 file extension gr7ATARI graphics 7 file
 file extension gr8ATARI graphics 8 file
 file extension gr9ATARI Graphics 9 picture image
 file extension grafDigital F/X image
grb file icon file extension grbHP-48 GROB bitmap image file
 file extension grfTRS-80 picture image
 file extension grkKreon scanner file
gro file icon file extension groHP-48/49 grob graphic image format
 file extension grobGraphic Object Bitmap file
 file extension gtxGenetica seamless texture format
 file extension gunGunpaint bitmap image
 file extension hamAmiga hold and modify image
 file extension ham6Amiga Hold-And-Modify 6 file
 file extension ham8Amiga Hold-And-Modify 8 file
 file extension hbmHires-Bitmap picture image
 file extension hcHigh Resolution Cantone TIFF bitmap
 file extension hciAtari picture image
 file extension hdpHD Photo
 file extension hdrPhotomatix HDR image
 file extension hdriHDRI image file
hdru file icon file extension hdruApollo HDRU image format
hed file icon file extension hedHi-Eddi image
 file extension heicHigh Efficiency Image Format
 file extension heifHigh Efficiency Image File Format
hf file icon file extension hfHF image format
 file extension hfcHires FLI Designer picture image
 file extension hgbAmstrad CPC bitmap format
 file extension hgrApple II bitmap image
 file extension himHires Manager picture image
 file extension hipAtari HARD Interlacing Picture format
 file extension hipsBitmap picture image
 file extension hirOric picture image
 file extension hlfHires Interlace picture image
 file extension hlrAttributes Gigascreen picture image
 file extension hmrGeoTIFF bitmap file
 file extension hpcHi-Pic Creator picture image
 file extension hpeCanon JPEG file
hpi file icon file extension hpiHemera Photo Image format
 file extension hpiC64 Art Studio image
 file extension hpmGrass' Slideshow picture image
hr file icon file extension hrTRS 80 image file format
 file extension hrAtari picture image
 file extension hr2Atari picture image
 file extension hrfHitachi CADCore raster format
 file extension hrsOric picture image
 file extension hs2HyperRESEARCH postering monochrome image
 file extension hsiHandmade Software bitmap image
hta file icon file extension htaHemera thumbs image file
 file extension htdApplied Precision CellWorX picture image
 file extension hufHuffman encoded data
 file extension hugeiFixit renamed JPEG picture
 file extension hv3Honeyview compressed image
i17 file icon file extension i17Pixel PowerCollage image
 file extension i61LogoManager image
 file extension iaxIBM Image Access eXecutive bitmap file
 file extension ibmCommodore Amiga graphics data
 file extension ic1Atari bitmap image
 file extension ic2Atari bitmap image file
 file extension ic3Atari bitmap image file
icb file icon file extension icbTruevision Targa format
 file extension icnAtari ICE CIN picture image
ico file icon file extension icoIcon image
icon file icon file extension iconIcon image file
 file extension ico_Icon file
 file extension icrNCSA Telnet Interactive color raster graphic data
id file icon file extension idAOL Instant Messenger buddy icon
idc file icon file extension idcCore Software tech IDC bitmap image
 file extension idrcAdobe InDesign resource data
 file extension idrwClaris Impact drawing
 file extension iefBitmap Image Exchange file
 file extension iefsBitmap Image Exchange file
iff file icon file extension iffAmiga Interchange File format
 file extension iffAutodesk Maya image interchange format
 file extension iflGunpaint picture image
 file extension igInstagram JPEG picture image
 file extension igeErdas Imagine large raster spill data
 file extension igeInterlace Graphics Editor picture image
 file extension igiIndigo Renderer picture image file
 file extension igoInstagram JPEG picture image
ilbm file icon file extension ilbmInterleaved bitmap file
 file extension ilcAtari picture image
 file extension ildInterlace Logo Designer picture image
 file extension imSunOS grey scale bitmap picture
 file extension im1Sun raster image
 file extension im24Bitmap graphic file
 file extension im32Sun 32bit raster file
im5 file icon file extension im5Visilog image
 file extension imaZenographics image file
 file extension imageBitmap picture
 file extension imgBitmap picture
 file extension imjPegasus Image Corp format bitmap graphics file
 file extension imnAtari ICE MIN picture image
 file extension imqNASA planetary image file
 file extension inbMotorola MMS message
 file extension infUlead Photo Explorer thumbnail cache file
info file icon file extension infoAmiga icon data file
 file extension ingING 15 picture image
 file extension ingrIntergraph Raster File Format
 file extension inkInkML image file
 file extension inpATARI picture image
 file extension intSilicon Graphics image file format
 file extension intINT95a picture image
 file extension intaSilicon Graphics image file
ioca file icon file extension iocaIBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) bitmap graphics
 file extension ip2Atari ICE PCIN+ picture image
 file extension ipcICE PCIN picture image
 file extension ipickiPick Football picture image file
 file extension iplIPLab image format file
 file extension ipxIpix spherical panorama
 file extension ir2Super IRG 2 picture image
 file extension irafIRAF file
 file extension irgSuper IRG picture image
 file extension isfInfoNet snapshot
ish file icon file extension ishImage Speeder image
ism file icon file extension ismImage System (Multicolor) image format
 file extension isoCALS ISO 8613 bitmap graphics
 file extension isqMicroCT image
 file extension istInterlace Studio picture image
itc2 file icon file extension itc2Apple iTunes Cover Flow data
itg file icon file extension itgIntergraph format bitmap graphics
ivb file icon file extension ivbTruevision Targa format bitmap graphics
ivp file icon file extension ivpTruevision Targa bitmap image
 file extension ivueLive Picture image file
iw4 file icon file extension iw4DjVu image format
iw44 file icon file extension iw44DjVu image format
j file icon file extension jJPEG/JFIF image file
j2c file icon file extension j2cJPEG2000 image format
j2k file icon file extension j2kJPEG2000 code stream image
j6i file icon file extension j6iRicoh Digital Camera image file
jag file icon file extension jagAtari Jaguar JPEG compressed image
 file extension japJAlbum album file
jas file icon file extension jasCorel PaintShop Photo Pro bitmap graphics file
 file extension jascprojectJasc Paint Shop Photo Album project
 file extension jb2JBIG2 image
jbg file icon file extension jbgImage JBIG 1-bit raster image
 file extension jbig2STDU Viewer JBIG file
jbr file icon file extension jbrCorel PaintShop Photo Pro brushes file
 file extension jffJPEG bitmap image format

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