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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension orkWarhammer Mark of Chaos game archive
 file extension rviRevenant game archive
 file extension ssvShadowFlare saved game
m3 file icon file extension m3Blizzard StarCraft 2 MDX3 model file
 file extension o8sOCTGN set file
 file extension j2bJazz Jackrabbit 2 music data
 file extension chuInfinity Engine game data
 file extension c4kRedWolf Clonk key
 file extension rl2Descent 2 registered level
 file extension weFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension hifDiablo: Hellfire item file
 file extension dlZoo Tycoon 2 game data
 file extension ck4Commander Keen 4 game data
 file extension krnNBA 99 fonts file
 file extension sotAdventure SOS adventure game walkthrough source file
 file extension wl6Wolfenstein 3D registered version game resources
 file extension glbUltimate Stunts binary 3D model
 file extension zrfZillions rules file
 file extension gpmRagnarok Online update
 file extension stuffEve Online game archive file
 file extension freecellsave-msFreeCells saved game
 file extension save_multiplayerTotal War multiplayer save file
 file extension bin3This War of Mine configuration
 file extension eixMetin2 game data package file
shadercache file icon file extension shadercacheSpace Marine shader cache file
 file extension j2dJazz Jackrabbit data file
 file extension cp2ChessBase theme classification
 file extension he3Humungous Entertainment archive
 file extension rfmodrFactor 2 mod file
 file extension hgpHighGrow plant file
 file extension pkx3DS Pokémon decrypted save file
 file extension fowWindward game data
 file extension d03Fahrenheit game data
 file extension qstZelda Classic quest file
 file extension rbxlROBLOX game data
 file extension d2xDiablo 2 stash file
 file extension tduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind game data
 file extension pirates_savegameSid Meier's Pirates! file
 file extension rpfGrand Theft Auto IV RAGE engine package
 file extension tgqDungeon Keeper 2 movie game
 file extension dnirealMyst game archive
 file extension dv2Divine Divinity 2 game data
 file extension m32Duke Nukem 3D script file
 file extension rcsColin McRae Rally saved game file
 file extension 21wSnood preferences data
 file extension isoSega CD game disk image
 file extension tgiSimCity 4 game data
 file extension mdlMen of War: Assault Squad 2 model
 file extension jg6BigJig jigsaw data
 file extension higHigh score list
 file extension innPhantasmagoria ini file
mhd file icon file extension mhdFallout 3 file
 file extension sniMDK game archive
 file extension cwdQNonograms puzzle file
 file extension fbtCybersports team data
 file extension ldwVirtual Villagers save game file
 file extension wzgWZebra game data
 file extension dpcTwisted Metal 2 texture file
 file extension zcaROSE Online file
 file extension mb1Monster Bash game data file
 file extension rlstSims 3 data file
 file extension pk6Generation 6 Pokémon saved game
 file extension dayDay of the Zombie map file
 file extension fppFPS Creator prefab data
 file extension rkcMario Kart Wii competition data
 file extension rwdRWD compressed game archive
 file extension ifoBioWare Aurora game engine information
 file extension sffSoldier Front Client map/weapon/character model
 file extension hxmDescent 2 resource modification
 file extension tunFIFA World Cup data
 file extension da6Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension erbEvil Genius resource data
 file extension bosFallout Tactics game archive
 file extension upk0Metro 2033 game file
 file extension wolfquestWolfQuest saved game
 file extension comfycakessave-msComfy Cakes saved game file
 file extension bm1Bio Menace game data
 file extension resourcesid Tech game resources
 file extension sbBattlefield audio data
 file extension rnrThe 11th Hour game data file
 file extension sfarMass Effect 3 DLC add-on file
 file extension dm2Quake II recorded game
 file extension 001-Game resource file
 file extension bgwFinal Fantasy VIII music
 file extension s2mStronghold 2 map
 file extension lstValve map related data
 file extension idx0RuneScape cache index
 file extension civEmpire Earth custom civilization information file
 file extension j2lJazz Jackrabbit 2 level data
 file extension ra3skirmishCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 skirmish map file
 file extension o8gOCTGN game definition data
 file extension bdlF1 2015 bundle
 file extension cgoRailroad Tycoon 3 car properties
 file extension zsdDave Mirra Freestyle BMX data
 file extension cprPort Royale game archive file
 file extension dbpfMaxis Database Packed File
 file extension p000Dragon's Prophet game file
 file extension wntSoldier of Fortune II waypoint
 file extension lmpDoom recorded demo
lrn file icon file extension lrnApple Chess user data file
 file extension flFreelancer saved game file
 file extension npcStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game data
 file extension unrealUnreal Tournament link file
 file extension cgsFar Cry game archive
 file extension svgSaved game data
vtf file icon file extension vtfValve Texture format file
 file extension ma1Diablo II Act 2 saved map progress file
sc2map file icon file extension sc2mapStarCraft 2 map data
 file extension vgtDriver 3 VGT data file
 file extension anmMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension tmo3D Custom Girl animation file
 file extension kvqSega Smash Pack PC version file
 file extension orzHolic game data
 file extension sh2Stronghold 2 saved game
 file extension x13Hooligans game archive file
 file extension 0Microsoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension bGrand Theft Auto III save file
 file extension tghGuitar Hero 3 tier settings
 file extension anm3D animation file
 file extension hg1Hellgate: London saved game file
 file extension worldTerraria world file
 file extension ydtYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos game data
 file extension biffBioWare Infinity engine archive of resources
 file extension fc2mapFar Cry 2 user map file
 file extension b2kSensible Soccer 2006 data
 file extension sfofsavegameSpider-Man 2 saved game file
 file extension blyFIFA World Cup game data
 file extension rmeFinal Fantasy audio data
 file extension bwdColin McRae Rally 2 car description file
 file extension kdaNova Logic game data
 file extension mglAge of Empires II game data
 file extension scsHunting Unlimited 3 game file
 file extension sv3RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game file
 file extension stage2D Fighter Maker stage data file
 file extension cyrCrysis level file
 file extension airFlight Simulator aircraft performance file
 file extension armyImpossible Creatures collection of created creatures file
 file extension tbgInfinity Engine game file
 file extension rdmANNO 2070 building animation
 file extension j2tJazz Jackrabbit 2 tile set
 file extension hazMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture
 file extension wpgWildTangent PNG file
 file extension wl1Wolfenstein 3D shareware version game resources
 file extension imuStar Wars Force Commander audio file
 file extension nlbColin McRae Rally network leader boards game data
 file extension barAge of Empires / Age of Mythology game file
 file extension levNetHack level data
 file extension pnsPopnoggin subject file
 file extension sazOrder of Battle series save game file
 file extension dehDoom DeHackEd game data
 file extension lpbLaserTank game replay
 file extension nhlNHL 2002 user teams data
 file extension zipGame resource archive file
 file extension txiKOTOR2 game file
 file extension muxTrackMania music file
 file extension civbeyondswordwbsaveCivilization IV game data
 file extension ufoTotal Annihilation third-party unit file
 file extension c4dClonk game object definition file
 file extension pgePocketGrandmaster game engine data
 file extension scnGame scenario file
galaxy file icon file extension galaxyBlizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script file
 file extension gdwJaws: Unleashed data
 file extension eqgEverQuest game data
 file extension kg2Keygrip2 demo
 file extension oggSalt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game data
 file extension c4pClonk game player file
 file extension sdfGame data file
 file extension age3xsavAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs save game file
wdb file icon file extension wdbWorld of Warcraft database cache
 file extension idx255RuneScape cache index file
 file extension zcacheVenture the Void cache
 file extension knwLive for Speed AI knowledge file
 file extension dkiDoppelKopf game file
 file extension zmapZombies Ate My Neighbours map
 file extension kprFifa World Cup game data
 file extension fp2Insaniquarium Deluxe fish data
 file extension 016Formula 1 2001 game data
 file extension bwpPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension bldAspetra data file
 file extension bigHomeWorld SGA archive file
 file extension lifGame of Life pattern file
 file extension invMinecraft INVedit data
 file extension stlROSE Online file
 file extension arcAvalanche Studios game archive
 file extension xvmconfWorld of Tanks configuration file
 file extension a78Atari 7800 image
 file extension ptuNova Logic effects definition data
 file extension rpyTouhou Project replay file
 file extension arcNintendo archive
 file extension japFIFA World Cup game data fe art legalscr file
 file extension tombraider 3Tomb Raider 3 save game
 file extension bhaRise of Nations unit graphic
 file extension rc4Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 customisation data
 file extension recDeluxe Ski Jump 3 hill record data
 file extension dataArena Wars game data archive
 file extension ib3IncrediBots world map file
 file extension sqsOperation Flashpoint game script file
 file extension kldDungeon Keeper 2 playable map
 file extension uv2Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 game data
 file extension adfA.R.S.E.N.A.L game data
 file extension trkIL-2 Sturmovik track data
 file extension sorShot Online resource
 file extension sacred2saveSacred 2 saved game
 file extension edtFootball Manager mod file
 file extension knvWWE WrestleMania 21 game data
 file extension jg4BigJig jigsaw puzzle data
 file extension rshWarhammer 40,000 texture
 file extension do2Resident Evil 2 door file
 file extension bssResident Evil background image file
 file extension wsThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings script
 file extension hobStar Trek Birth of the Federation ship graphic data file
 file extension vqaCommand and Conquer video data
jkb file icon file extension jkbQuake 3 Arena bot AI data
 file extension aceTrain Simulator texture
 file extension missionMissionMaker project file
 file extension zblorbZ-code game data
 file extension w3iWarcraft III map related file
 file extension datUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension vvvvvvVVVVVV game map
 file extension txcUrban Chaos game data
 file extension rfaBattlefield 1942 game archive
 file extension texturepackArena Wars texture pack
 file extension cc4Crossword Compiler crossword puzzle file
 file extension damDam file
 file extension bamBioware Infinity game engine graphics
 file extension polarbowlersavedgamePolar Bowler saved game file
 file extension nsmNESticle movie file
 file extension lrtLeague of Legends replay file
 file extension unrUnreal map file
 file extension s10Brasfoot saved game
 file extension bfmBloodrayne model file
 file extension conUnreal 2 audio file
 file extension sgdSmartGo game database file
 file extension tmlJurassic Park: Operation Genesis dinosaur skin
 file extension tjcTaikojiro song map sequence file
 file extension mr1Jumpman Lives! game data
 file extension fs5Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery data
 file extension svRoland Garros Tennis game file
 file extension mgzMetal Gear Solid game archive
 file extension svhFly! simulated vehicle specification file
 file extension h6rHeroes of Might and Magic VI game file
 file extension w2speechThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings speech file
 file extension spbFlight Simulator X mission data
 file extension te2Conquest of the New World data
 file extension pkmPokemon saved game data file
 file extension s3tScorched 3D tankpack
 file extension xcrWarlords Battlecry game file
umx file icon file extension umxUnreal Engine music package
 file extension scnFlying-Model-Simulator scenery file
 file extension btyRailroad Tycoon 3 building file
 file extension nodeFor Honor EasyAntiCheat data
 file extension aiwFormula One 2001 game data
shader file icon file extension shaderQuake 3 Arena id Tech 3 game engine shader file
 file extension geaFifa World Cup game data
 file extension iaiNovaLogic item attributes info
 file extension HiWacSaveNancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy save game file
 file extension nonStar Wars: Tie Fighter mouse options file
 file extension udkUnreal map file
 file extension ck3Commander Keen 3 game data
 file extension vivGame info file
 file extension ddjSilkroad alchemy page file
 file extension age3XrecAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs recorded file
vShaderBin file icon file extension vShaderBinStronghold 3 shader file
 file extension n3pmeshKnight Online 3D mesh file
 file extension pbfDiRT 3 replay
 file extension cweCrossword Express file
 file extension h4rHeroes of Might and Magic 4 game data
 file extension patBlack & White II paths data
 file extension abcLithTech game engine 3D model file
 file extension modelWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 3D model
 file extension imTrainz Railroad Simulator indexed mesh
 file extension dsplCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server playlist
 file extension gfpkScarlet Blade game archive
 file extension jblDoom scene add-on
SC2Data file icon file extension SC2DataStarcraft 2 A.I. game file
 file extension ib2IncrediBots world map file
 file extension h5cHeroes of Might and Magic V campaign data
 file extension datPrince of Persia game data
 file extension poaFIFA World Cup game data
 file extension sadLucas Arts sound file
 file extension bmgMario Kart Wii message file
md5mesh file icon file extension md5meshDoom 3 ID Tech 4 game engine 3D mesh file
 file extension rpyRen'Py game engine script
 file extension rsmRuneSword 2 game data
 file extension umxDeus Ex game data
 file extension sjsSimcity 3000 buildings add-on
 file extension podNocturne game archive
 file extension botRobot Arena game file
 file extension xsbSokoban++ level file
 file extension hwdHedgewars game replay
 file extension mosInfinity engine compressed background GUI tile info
 file extension hpiTotal Annihilation game archive
 file extension m3dCossacks map file
 file extension patMicrosoft Train Simulator track path
 file extension puaAgainst Rome game file
 file extension osz2osu! file
 file extension bfsarMario Kart Wii effects data
 file extension utiBioWare Aurora game engine item file
 file extension bunNeed for Speed Undercover game data
 file extension d3dbspCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 map file
 file extension vpkTitanfall game archive
 file extension dpmDarkplaces engine game movie information
tmr file icon file extension tmrSimpsons Cartoon Studio file
 file extension fflAliens vs Predator game file
 file extension mdfStar Trek Armada game file
 file extension cmpSWAT 3 compressed sound file
 file extension rafLeague of Legends archive file
 file extension battleRobocode file
 file extension sfMinecraft JAR signature
 file extension musMinecraft music
 file extension embbMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game file
 file extension m3dEverQuest file
 file extension vdfLeft 4 Dead install script file
 file extension ovlRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 sprite
 file extension erpF1 2015 texture
 file extension cmiThe Dig bundle file
 file extension wopWonderland Adventures object preset file
 file extension bgzBlood Frontier map
 file extension epkMetin2 game data package
mlx file icon file extension mlxStarcraft saved game file
 file extension gjd7th Guest game data
 file extension gr2RAD Game Tools game content
 file extension sgdSameGame game data
 file extension arc.lhNintendo archive file
 file extension mcrMinecraft region file
 file extension bnkF1 2015 audio
 file extension ogzCube 2 Sauerbraten map
 file extension zeiANNO 1602 game data
 file extension uUnreal application pack
 file extension mdlSteam Source SDK model content data
 file extension fwpWorms Armageddon fiddler weapons module
 file extension phdTomb Raider game level file
 file extension bmdMU Online game data
 file extension skseThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim saved game
 file extension langMinecraft language localization
 file extension rtzEraser Bot for Quake 2 route data
 file extension xtlVietcong game data
 file extension farThe Sims game archive
 file extension sdTrain Simulator shape definition
 file extension dofRacer 3D geometry data
 file extension sssSudden Strike saved game
 file extension db4S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension sveSimutrans file
 file extension sxaGekido game file
 file extension dInfinity Engine dialogue file
 file extension s4mSWAT 4 map file
 file extension wnvGrand Theft Auto IV NavMesh data
 file extension td6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 file
 file extension admNovaLogic game animation data map file
 file extension smkNASCAR Racing 99 image
 file extension caprojConstruct game project file
 file extension smdSource engine SDK model source
 file extension xwcStarbreeze sound data
bfont file icon file extension bfontNeed for Speed SHIFT font
 file extension packCreative Assembly game resource file
 file extension pbfGrand Prix Legends BMAP (Bitmap) data
 file extension systemVega Strike virtual system data
 file extension dinerdash2savedgameDiner Dash 2 saved game
 file extension gr2Divinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension rmlWatch Dogs 2 configuration
 file extension hllBoulder Dash game data
 file extension pgnPortable Game Notation format
 file extension csbStreet Fighter IV sound data
 file extension da4Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension fmfFootball Manager 2012 game graphics package
erf file icon file extension erfDragon Age Origins game file
 file extension pssgColin McRae: DiRT 2 game data
 file extension u8Lemings 3D audio data
uxx file icon file extension uxxUnreal Tournament 2003 cache
 file extension uopUltima Online patch
 file extension glStar Crusader game archive
 file extension rasMax Payne game data file
 file extension zdsGZDoom saved game
 file extension godPopulous 2 saved game file
 file extension weapWolfenstein 3D weapon definition script
 file extension hghStar Wars: Tie Fighter high score data
 file extension sc4modelSimCity 4 model file
cof file icon file extension cofDiablo 2 game data
 file extension zscROSE Online Zscript file
 file extension CFReplayCrossfire Europe replay file
 file extension m18Accolade Golf course file
 file extension cbsCode Breaker save file
 file extension ppcUEFA Champions League file
ztmp file icon file extension ztmpSteam compressed game resource file
 file extension spvAmerican McGee Alice saved game
t3d file icon file extension t3dUnreal engine 3D object
 file extension wtdGrand Theft Auto IV texture
 file extension pizPizza Connection 2 saved game file
 file extension ltbROSE Online game data
 file extension fsysPokemon Battle Revolution file
 file extension kf2Max Payne resource file
 file extension warWarcraft game file
 file extension ctySimCity city data
 file extension ddoTank3D game file
 file extension uttBioWare Aurora engine trigger file
 file extension pkrTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 game archive
 file extension prpUru: ages beyond Myst page resource package file
 file extension cgfCryEngine Geometry file
 file extension smzipStepMania package
 file extension ntrkPacific Fighters track
 file extension sc4lotSimCity 4 lot file
 file extension sbcSpace Engineers game file
 file extension palRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension bkEpic Megagames One Must Fall 2097 file
 file extension vhvHalf-Life 2 lighting file
 file extension pmTrainz progressive mesh file
 file extension matGame material
 file extension miiNintendo Wii virtual avatar file
 file extension puzCrossword data
 file extension bznStar Trek Armada map file
 file extension zgpZelda Classic Graphics Pack
 file extension zm5ZSNES Movie #5
ma file icon file extension maDiablo II map file
 file extension arcCabela's African Safari data file
 file extension wrplWidelands saved game file
 file extension tulTurbulance game file
 file extension kv6Ace of Spades model
 file extension 001Starcraft game data
 file extension twtCarmageddon 2 Carpocalyse Now saved game file
 file extension g3xRealFlight content file
 file extension MineSweeperSave-msMicrosoft MineSweeper save file
 file extension pofDescent robot definition file
 file extension oreNarbacular Drop game content file
 file extension absAB SuDoKu save game file
 file extension chvTwo Worlds 2 rigged model file
 file extension nltrackNoLimits Roller Coaster track file
 file extension la1LucasArts game data file
 file extension playerStarbound game data
 file extension dz2Dungeons 2 saved game
 file extension nbaNBA game data file
 file extension iaoImperiumAO game data
 file extension ix4Rebel chess file
 file extension camAbe's Oddysee background file
 file extension astNeed for Speed Underground audio file
 file extension op2Outpost 2 saved game file
 file extension casMedieval 2 Total War model file
 file extension camTibiaCam TibiaLive or BynaCam Tibia movie
 file extension brlytNintendo Wii texture settings file
 file extension vvcInfinity game engine visual spell casting effects file
 file extension blobTransport Fever mesh
 file extension gs3Genecyst game saved state 1
 file extension packageElectronic Arts game data archive
 file extension mtlMen of War: Assault Squad 2 material
 file extension bnkSimCity game data file
 file extension hogDescent game data
sdp file icon file extension sdpFallout 3 shader package file
 file extension dwcBoneTown game file
 file extension catCatz cat description file
 file extension goomodWorld of Goo file
 file extension declid Tech 6 game data
 file extension bmzPortal map file
 file extension spcInteract Shark port code save file
 file extension 3d0Grand Prix Legends track file
ind file icon file extension indWell of Souls game file
 file extension dn1Duke Nukem episode 1 game file
 file extension cpsThe Powder Toy saved game
 file extension ps2Sharkport saved game
 file extension pscThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Papyrus script
 file extension sbfNovaLogic game stream binary file
 file extension muzHover! MIDI file
 file extension ptxRayman 2 file
 file extension arhEl Airplane game archive file
wal file icon file extension walQuake 2 texture image format
 file extension jstJnes saved game state file
 file extension acdAlan game file
 file extension emwResident Evil model file
 file extension mpmMax Payne modification file
 file extension btiNintendo Wii texture file
 file extension arpAudition replay file
 file extension gicBioWare Aurora Engine area file
 file extension uvxUnreal Tournament 2003 saved game
 file extension ma0Diablo II Act 1 saved map progress file
 file extension dm_57Return to Castle Wolfenstein demo file
 file extension oxsRacer Onyx script
 file extension gauMicrosoft Flight Simulator gauge file
 file extension a52Atari 5200 game image file
 file extension d3cDescent file
 file extension fbzShadowgrounds game archive file
 file extension jrfThe Jumbot bot level navigation data
 file extension utdBioWare Aurora game engine door file
 file extension ahodHomeworld file
 file extension jpsJigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle completion status
 file extension luxbLux Delux map file
 file extension shdcArmA: Armed Assault file
 file extension nutSquirrel script
 file extension replUltimate Stunts replay
 file extension mm7Might and Magic 7 saved game file
 file extension pk2XS game file
 file extension bbrksavePuzzle started status file
 file extension hullHalf-Life map collision hull file
 file extension bldSimCity 3000 Building Architect building file
 file extension asrAsura engine audio streaming resource archive
 file extension pcAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension ddfDoom definition file
 file extension cm4Championship Manager 4 saved game file
 file extension slmSecond Life mesh asset file
 file extension atlasDarkest Dungeon graphics file
 file extension sndshdid Tech 4 sound shader
 file extension rigid_model_animationEmpire: Total War animation
 file extension amxSA-MP for GTA: San Andreas compiled game mod

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