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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc.

List of common various presets or theme files

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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc..

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 file extension uewUltraEdit wordfile
 file extension jardescEclipse JAR settings
 file extension msccmSecure sync data
 file extension xfpMicrosoft SharePoint Extending Form Library properties
 file extension srfSteinberg Cubase resource file
 file extension qbpQuickBooks printer file
fpm file icon file extension fpmMicrosoft FoxPro startup data
 file extension rsfReflection settings
 file extension grsGetRight skin
 file extension gcoGenbox Family History chart options file
 file extension lopMasterCook layout
 file extension btskin┬ÁTorrent skin
 file extension gbwGerbview workspace data
 file extension plaSandisk Sansa playlist
 file extension nuspecNuGet settings
 file extension xmbcsX-Mouse exported profile
 file extension appcontent-msMicrosoft Windows application content
 file extension ittIconTweaker theme
 file extension vkmVICE keyboard settings
 file extension mbtMetabot Metatag options data
 file extension grpSmarterMail group file
 file extension czeCzech language localization
 file extension ld4ACCPAC Plus menu data
 file extension rgoRepliGo virtual print format.
 file extension unsVisual Navigation Suite export or import settings
 file extension tbaDB/Text database primary textbase definition data
dbs file icon file extension dbsMicrosoft Word/Works printer description file
wsa file icon file extension wsaCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Animation Shop workspace
 file extension uavOpenPilot UAV settings
swp file icon file extension swpSolidWorks macro feature
 file extension vprAdobe Premiere preset
wms file icon file extension wmsWindows Media Player skin
sldclr file icon file extension sldclrSolidWorks colour palette
 file extension dcfTaskmaster batch pilot form file
 file extension cwxSonar track template
 file extension uvopt┬ÁVision project options
 file extension rbeRealView Development Suite debugger properties
ado file icon file extension adoAdobe Photoshop duotone
 file extension netrcTCP/IP settings file
 file extension rfdRecogniFORM form definition
 file extension ppmlPersonalized Print Markup Language document
 file extension gdnSmartWare graph definition
 file extension wfpWink Flash preloader data
 file extension tmlanguageTextMate grammar file or Sublime Text syntax highlighting settings file
acf file icon file extension acfAdobe Photoshop custom filter
 file extension accflMicrosoft Access field template file
 file extension bmmTacmi Pixia palette
 file extension icmWindows Image Color Matching data
 file extension bujPersonal Backup saved task
 file extension kbtVirtual Keyboard settings data
 file extension iseInstallShield Express project
 file extension soeColour palettes and various style elements data
 file extension groupWindows Mail group data
 file extension pzpPizazz Plus palette
 file extension vtgSlickEdit workspace
 file extension ixiixiQuarks preferences file
pmp file icon file extension pmpAutoCAD plotter model parameters file
mno file icon file extension mnoAdobe Dreamweaver configuration commands
 file extension mkpCinestar remote control configuration data
 file extension productEclipse IDE product settings file
 file extension nluNorton LiveUpdate e-mail trigger file
nji file icon file extension njiNero BackItUp job file
 file extension sszSpider Player skin file
vspscc file icon file extension vspsccVisual Studio project source control data
 file extension wmeMicrosoft Windows Media Encoder session data
 file extension vspc3D-Album settings
desklink file icon file extension desklinkDesk Link data
 file extension tbbMicrosoft Office toolbar button
 file extension jsiJAWS personalized settings
 file extension styLaTeX style
 file extension xdcAdobe Acrobat printer description
 file extension qttQtracker application theme
 file extension spgTCP Optimizer saved settings
 file extension sublime-projectSublime Text project
 file extension enpThomson Reuters EndNote preference
 file extension tbeTMPGEnc list
 file extension dgnlibMicroStation design library
 file extension v22V-22 CONTROLLER settings file
 file extension lvfLogitech Video Effects avatar and face accessory
 file extension officeuiMicrosoft Office UI customization
 file extension htplIBM Rational Application Developer WebContent theme file
 file extension cpmCisco Secure Policy Manager settings
msl file icon file extension mslMiranda IM smiley definitions
wyp file icon file extension wypwyBuild definitions
 file extension piwPI ProcessBook display definition data
vcproj file icon file extension vcprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension r2skinRainlendar2 skin
iwt file icon file extension iwtSunnysoft InterWrite full keyboard skin
 file extension otzOpenLP theme file
 file extension atzAston compiled theme
mailhost file icon file extension mailhostE-mail Server preferences
 file extension uiUser Interface file
 file extension vinAWR project settings
 file extension lkgHP-UX configuration data
pmc file icon file extension pmcWindows Performance Monitor chart settings
 file extension mkuMagicKey units definition
 file extension fplFoobar2000 playlist file
 file extension c8kChip-8 keyboard data
library-ms file icon file extension library-msMicrosoft Windows 7 library description data
awe file icon file extension aweAdobe Acrobat bookmark XML data
wwp file icon file extension wwpMicrosoft Works wizards
 file extension suiteStardock WinStyles suite
provxml file icon file extension provxmlMicrosoft Windows Mobile settings
 file extension mmkMACSIMUS define data
 file extension hxwMicrosoft Help attribute definition
 file extension vfzCreative Live! Webcam video effects
 file extension effectSerato DJ audio effect
 file extension pacProxy automatic configuration
 file extension kciVisual Studio .NET DB project indexing settings
 file extension asdAdvanced Streaming Format description data
 file extension ve2Cyberlink PowerDVD settings
aet file icon file extension aetAdobe After Effects template
 file extension asuToolBook package definition
 file extension xurXbox 360 compiled skin
 file extension ulWindows Updates Downloader update list
 file extension npeNVIDIA ntune overclock system performance manager profile settings
 file extension tuiNI LabWindows user interface data
dcn file icon file extension dcnAutodesk depth slope definition
 file extension maxfrMaxView web pointer data
 file extension jshintrcJSHint data
 file extension f1sAlien Skin Settings Router settings
 file extension sublime-syntaxSublime Text syntax definition format
 file extension hgfHomeGauge form
 file extension gcpSpectramap group properties file format
 file extension manifest-desktopUbuntu Desktop CD manifest file
 file extension dashDashlane profile
 file extension m3aEnhanced M3U playlist
 file extension xcschemeApple Xcode scheme
dst file icon file extension dstMicrografx Designer template
 file extension vreASG Remote Desktop settings
 file extension kfrKalles Fraktaler parameter data
cus file icon file extension cusAutoCAD custom dictionary
 file extension mechPro/MECHANICA settings
vbg file icon file extension vbgMicrosoft Visual Basic compatible project group file
 file extension gesPINGO GrADS description data
 file extension tvfdBASE table view settings
 file extension lirADI Ocelot settings
 file extension pdadjCyberlink PhotoDirector preset
wsstyles file icon file extension wsstylesMicrosoft Windows Vista Sidebar style settings
 file extension fgsFig figure settings
ifl file icon file extension ifl3D Studio Max animation file list control
 file extension anvActivTrak Net View file
 file extension fatFreeAmp / Zing theme
 file extension gvpGoogle Video Player Google video pointer playlist
m2f file icon file extension m2fMaxthon filter package data
baseconfig file icon file extension baseconfigAirPort Utility settings
 file extension fapACD FotoAngelo project settings
 file extension kxkX mixer settings
 file extension aatArchiCAD attribute transfer
wsz file icon file extension wszWinamp ZIP compressed skin
wws file icon file extension wwsMicrosoft Works wizards
 file extension ancCanon Computer Pattern Maker color pattern list
clv file icon file extension clvQIP visible list
btsearch file icon file extension btsearchBitTorrent Search Engine Specification data
 file extension otvRotor-Disc OTV Kit OTV calibration file
 file extension bcpkgBeyond Compare settings package
 file extension dzsDownload Accelerator skin
 file extension dshDashboard PDA wallpaper file
 file extension bagAOL Instant Messenger (AIM) buddy list
 file extension m2uMaxthon layout data
 file extension jsfProject64 joystick settings
mat file icon file extension matMATlab workspace variables file
 file extension htpasswdApache password data
 file extension mvsMusicMatch Jukebox visualization data
 file extension uemLDC region data
 file extension sublime-keymapSublime Text keymap data
 file extension elmMicrosoft FrontPage theme pack
 file extension sublime-sessionSublime Text session data
wset file icon file extension wsetMicrosoft Word for Mac settings file
popupskin file icon file extension popupskinMiranda pop-up skin settings
 file extension printerexportMicrosoft Print Migration data
 file extension dfnDelphi definition data
 file extension t3aYamaha DTX900 drum kit
 file extension dglDigiGuide language data
 file extension isoInstallShield uninstall data
 file extension a1wishAudials wishlist
 file extension jmdCorel PaintShop Pro image map settings
kys file icon file extension kysAdobe keyboard shortcut
 file extension tvixieTViXiE effects
 file extension bbthemeBB theme
wvx file icon file extension wvxWindows Media Video Redirector data
cly file icon file extension clyCorelDRAW custom layout
 file extension rxpEasy CD & DVD Creator 6 playlist
 file extension onpresetPerfect Effects preset
nbt file icon file extension nbtNero BackItUp template file
 file extension scriptVisual Basic VBScript file
aom file icon file extension aomAdobe After Effects output settings
 file extension parParameter
rct file icon file extension rctMicrosoft Visual Studio resource template
 file extension pkgSymbian OS installation package settings file
 file extension suiStarSplatter user interface
 file extension fioAldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
 file extension magMagenta colour separation
 file extension mtv2Apple Video Player preference file
 file extension iitInstall Creator settings
 file extension druEAGLE design rules settings
 file extension bowerrcNode.js data
 file extension propertiesMinecraft properties
 file extension wulWinUHA language data
pcb file icon file extension pcbMicrosoft PowerPoint application settings data
 file extension pzsPizazz Plus palette settings file
 file extension eftxMicrosoft Office 2007 theme effect
 file extension noindexMac OS X Spotlight index
 file extension rwfReFrame workspace
clg file icon file extension clgMicrosoft Windows System Image Manager catalogue data
 file extension vbrVisual Basic remote automation registration file
 file extension refreshMicrosoft Visual Studio refresh file
 file extension h5ePOD HD500 preset
 file extension anydvd_smskAnyDVD speedmenu skin
 file extension trTurbo Debugger for DOS session-state settings
 file extension r1wReflection settings
 file extension vcrdMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager password data
 file extension zknAdobe RoboHelp skin definition
 file extension lensAutodesk Stitcher camera profile
 file extension lvlpsLabVIEW local project settings
 file extension hdtAdobe Photoshop HDR toning preset
ppw file icon file extension ppwMicrografx Picture Publisher wizard data
 file extension mttMetadataTouch template
 file extension wosWords of Worship output settings file
 file extension oxoOx object-oriented matrix programming language source code
 file extension sublime-snippetSublime Text snippet
 file extension vsuVisio custom user interface
cmz file icon file extension cmzPoser compressed camera set
 file extension sublime-menuSublime Text menu settings
 file extension h4ePOD HD400 preset
 file extension workspaceCode::Blocks workspace
 file extension mbiMagicISO multi-bootable information
wfx file icon file extension wfxAdobe user keyboard shortcut settings
maq file icon file extension maqMicrosoft Access query shortcut
pcn file icon file extension pcnCorel PaintShop Photo Pro contour preset
 file extension brpxe-Sword bible reading plan
 file extension eqlMathType settings
 file extension nnNero CD list
 file extension tr2Borland Turbo Debugger session-state settings
 file extension xmpskinXMPlay skin
xcconfig file icon file extension xcconfigApple Xcode configuration settings
 file extension hnfHNF Split & Merge channels file
 file extension xejMicrosoft Expression Encoder job settings
cwc file icon file extension cwcClarisWorks color palette
 file extension bftSmartWare backup transaction definition data
 file extension eqpBPM Studio equalizer presets
 file extension sublime-completionsSublime Text completions
 file extension xrxExpression Encoder media profile settings
 file extension kgsKogeo toolbar settings
 file extension sddraftArcGIS service definition draft
fss file icon file extension fssMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 register data
bwa file icon file extension bwaBlindWrite BWA Builder physical CD characteristics data
 file extension cl5Easy CD Creator saved project file
 file extension mqbMetasequoia brush data
 file extension treedbTreeDBNotes note
 file extension n2sNebula skin
 file extension sasfGoogle Android settings of accessibility
 file extension grooveSony ACID groove file
 file extension mlfPackage download profile
 file extension pdmMicrosoft Visual Basic project information
 file extension utzSymbian OS user interface theme
 file extension dsdAutodesk AutoCAD drawing set description
udf file icon file extension udfMicrosoft Excel user defined function
dcpr file icon file extension dcprAdobe Photoshop DNG digital negative camera profile recipe
 file extension lilyPCSX2 LilyPad configuration data
 file extension autoregMozilla Application Suite auto registration clue file
 file extension plsxXtreamer Internet radio playlist
 file extension npmignoreGit data
 file extension xtdXML type definition file
 file extension m1sMach3 macro
 file extension zskZoner Media Explorer skin
phpeditproject file icon file extension phpeditprojectPHPEdit project
 file extension qskQuintessential Player skin file
accdu file icon file extension accduMicrosoft Access database wizard
 file extension m98Nokia Mediamaster 9800S satellites list
 file extension ec7EuroCUT profile
 file extension 4twMacro Toolworks macro set
 file extension catpreferencesCATIA preferences
 file extension tbmTableau bookmark data
sz file icon file extension szWinamp skin
awl file icon file extension awlAd-Aware language data
 file extension bumpthemeBumpTop theme
 file extension acrothemeAdobe Acrobat theme
 file extension kbpKeirsey-Bates temperament sorter profile
wwd file icon file extension wwdMicrosoft Works Wizards file
blt file icon file extension bltAIM AOL Instant Messenger saved buddy list
 file extension ncaNikon Capture color adjustment data
 file extension wczChameleon Clock wallpaper
 file extension actionscriptpropertiesAdobe Flex settings
 file extension dveVideo Toaster digital video effect file
 file extension vstdirMicrosoft Visual Studio project type settings
 file extension vqsDatapath X4 configuration data
 file extension mtkMatrikon software license file
npd file icon file extension npdNavicat for MySQL data synchronization profile
 file extension ini-distPHP php.ini distribution default settins
mfx file icon file extension mfxAdobe user keyboard shortcut settings
acrobatsecuritysettings file icon file extension acrobatsecuritysettingsAdobe Acrobat security settings
 file extension agvArcGlobe video metadata
p3r file icon file extension p3rAdobe Photoshop render settings preset
 file extension abcACT! e-mail address book
cm2 file icon file extension cm2Poser camera set
nppt file icon file extension npptNavicat for PostgreSQL data transfer profile
 file extension ycpSUSE Linux Enterprise Server display settings
 file extension ditamapDITAmap data
 file extension rrxIBM Datacap defines data
 file extension partitionsMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services partitions
 file extension cropCrick Software Clicker options settings
 file extension fthFileMaker Pro theme
 file extension spfxSqueeze preset
 file extension nvcNikon Vignette correction file
 file extension rkpRemoteKeys profile file
 file extension prfMicrosoft Outlook profile
cw_ file icon file extension cw_CorelDRAW workspace
 file extension twainAdobe Acrobat TWAIN 1.8 specification
downloaded file icon file extension downloadedICQ 6 hash
 file extension nzpNoise Ninja GRD profile
 file extension wniWisco RC21 Manager virtual COM port settings
 file extension clkbdClicker board set
 file extension kbmScala keyboard mapping
 file extension jbtJAWS settings
phpeditsolution file icon file extension phpeditsolutionPHPEdit project solution data
 file extension odmOverDrive Media Console media control data
 file extension stpMicrosoft HTML Help stop words data
 file extension millpstBobCAD post processor data
osdx file icon file extension osdxMicrosoft Windows search connector
 file extension kwtKVIrc theme
 file extension s8themeStart8 theme
 file extension gcwMicrosoft Math worksheet file
 file extension ustWiFi SiStr exported user theme
 file extension ybcSUSE Linux Enterprise Server display settings
 file extension mhsXilinx Platform Studio hardware specification
nfl file icon file extension nflAutoCAD multiline filter
 file extension sdmSun Download Manager download instruction data
ffx file icon file extension ffxAdobe After Effects preset
 file extension vftCorel VideoStudio filter file
 file extension ggtGeoGebra user-defined tool
plh file icon file extension plhCorel PaintShop Photo Pro presets file
 file extension albAlpha Five data dictionary
vsixlangpack file icon file extension vsixlangpackMicrosoft Visual Studio localised VSIX package
qtp file icon file extension qtpApple QuickTime preferences
 file extension oceOpen Catalog extension connection data
 file extension mucowAdobe Muse configurable options widget
 file extension cikCorel Graphics 10 custom dual tone
 file extension ma3Harvard Graphics macro
 file extension edjEnlightenment DR 17 background and theme
 file extension directoryKDE folder view properties
 file extension dofDelphi project options
psb file icon file extension psbCorel PaintShop Photo Pro sunburst preset file
 file extension idgMajax settings
 file extension lfoCamel Audio Alchemy preset
 file extension sdlprofileTRADOS exported user settings
 file extension xbelBookmark Exchange Language file
prst file icon file extension prstAdobe Photoshop settings
 file extension twsTextPad workspace
 file extension kdrKinetica installation data
 file extension eumWaveRider Enterprise User Monitor configuration data
 file extension h3ePOD HD300 preset
 file extension clsidCLSID identifier
cst file icon file extension cstAdobe Director cast data
 file extension asn1Avaya MIB definition data
 file extension pdiPI Process display definition file
nick file icon file extension nickMicrosoft Outlook nickname file
 file extension ssisProReveal settings
 file extension md5.txtTiny Core Linux hash
 file extension llcLapLink saved connection file
qbd file icon file extension qbdQuicken keyboard layout file
 file extension pspworkspaceCorel PaintShop Pro workspace
 file extension rtsxRoyal TS document settings
 file extension scrateSerato DJ smart crate playlist
 file extension xidVisual Localize XML import definition
 file extension cakewalkwindowlayoutCakewalk window layout
 file extension fhzAdobe Robohelp ZIP compressed skin file
 file extension hvdHoverDesk theme
 file extension irlIBM WebSphere ILOG JRules rule language file
 file extension mfalistAshampoo Photo Commander slideshow list
 file extension cgxAutodesk Land Desktop label style
qat file icon file extension qatMicrosoft Office quick access toolbar info
 file extension wskWhisset Media Player skin
dfm file icon file extension dfmAutodesk drawing specific settings
 file extension twnScanner settings
 file extension imesxMicrosoft Office IME Search provider definition file
 file extension lp436-Image Converter encrypted language pack
downloadhost file icon file extension downloadhostMSN Explorer download view
 file extension basinHEC-HMS basin model settings file
 file extension xpl2TerraExplorerPro LOD parameter data
 file extension bapBlaze RipEditBurn audio wave information data
 file extension bckupApple Time Machine backup
 file extension usersettingsUser settings
 file extension nlang3Ashampoo Internet Accelerator language file
 file extension umprofileUltraMon display profile
surfplace file icon file extension surfplaceMicrosoft Money user profile file
 file extension priLocoScript printer definition file
sps file icon file extension spsWinamp Signal Processing Studio DSP effect file
 file extension gmanifestGoogle Desktop gadget control data
ptw file icon file extension ptwAutoCAD Publish to Web settings file
 file extension epfEAGLE Project settings
 file extension pdlcpCyberlink PhotoDirector lens profile
 file extension cyberduckprofileCyberduck connection profile
 file extension clkcClicker connect set
 file extension mxfMX Editor remote control data
plsk file icon file extension plskMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger skin pack
 file extension athAlienFX theme
npt file icon file extension nptNavicat data transfer profile
 file extension dbdBASE IV/dBFast configuration
 file extension stipSampleTank instrument preset
 file extension a2menuAston Desktop start menu skin
 file extension jgfJAWS INI settings
fhs file icon file extension fhsAdobe Flash XML skin
 file extension ini-recommendedPHP INI settings
cwf file icon file extension cwfCorelDRAW workspace settings
terminal file icon file extension terminalApple Mac Terminal settings
 file extension sublime-themeSublime Text theme
 file extension nitArcView INFO table definitions
 file extension dpiAdlib Express Document Processing Information settings
 file extension ahleMule metadata
psp file icon file extension pspAdobe Photoshop preferences file
mns file icon file extension mnsAutoCAD interface settings
hs file icon file extension hsJava HelpSet file
 file extension ServerStyleESRI ServerStyle data
 file extension aimpplAIMP media player playlist
 file extension plistHandBrake video settings preset
p3t file icon file extension p3tSony Playstation 3 theme
 file extension denyLinux access data
 file extension #stLocoScript standard mode printer definitions
 file extension hmeTheme Generator Windows Mobile theme
 file extension pncPegasus Mail content control set definition
 file extension uapWAP user agent profile
 file extension m3urlSMIL MP3 playlist data
 file extension nktrl_setKORG Kontrol Editor settings
 file extension iconpackageObject Desktop IconPackager theme
 file extension sprArchiCAD slab properties
 file extension framesThe Iconfactory xScope frame data
networkConnect file icon file extension networkConnectExported network preference panel settings
 file extension mdpfMac modem preferences
 file extension costyleCapture One style file
 file extension mtxcfgMKVtoolnix GUI settings
 file extension aveAvid Media Composer user data
 file extension whzWinUAEX zipped WHDLoad settings
 file extension eaglercEAGLE Linux user-specific parameter data
 file extension ikfINTUS keyboard settings file
 file extension fnpIBM FileNet IDM Desktop settings
 file extension bootskinMicrosoft Windows boot skin
 file extension oodguisettingsO&O Defrag GUI settings
 file extension miafInstallAware setup dialog rules
 file extension wb4WindowBlinds default skin
 file extension winPro/ENGINEER data
sequ file icon file extension sequAdobe Acrobat sequence data
 file extension udcxMicrosoft Office Universal Data Connection format
 file extension fniALCUGS settings
 file extension proxPOV-Ray DF3 proximity pattern parameters
 file extension uisWindowBlinds personality file
 file extension hotkeys3D-Coat hotkeys settings
 file extension jvdJavaView camera and display settings
 file extension hepHostExplorer profile
 file extension ksfKMPlayer skin
 file extension kvtKVIrc theme
 file extension ucfEpson personal settings information
 file extension ikmpSampleTank preset
 file extension pfkXTreePro programmable function keys
 file extension stxEditPlus syntax
mo file icon file extension moAudacity language data
 file extension bscompBootstrap component
 file extension layTecplot layout file
 file extension wacomxsWacom expert settings
 file extension xtpXTrkCAD parameters
 file extension ntcCamera Control Pro custom curves
 file extension jsrJob Safety Report Definition
cdt_ file icon file extension cdt_CorelDRAW for Mac template
 file extension l4dCinema 4D layout settings
 file extension confluenceEclipse Mylyn WikiText confluence data
 file extension clbICQ contact list
 file extension ocoOpen Color Format palette
 file extension ehsxeasyHDR tone mapping settings
 file extension sxxAdobe Flash Player shared object settings
 file extension cdlCADKey CAD language file
 file extension pnzPanorama database set
 file extension fszFractal Zplot data/parameter data
 file extension tszTrillian skin
 file extension prfsPreferences file
 file extension audiblePrefsAudible preferences
 file extension layMAME layout data
 file extension buildsettingTwixl Publisher settings
 file extension actionsPhotoline 4 defaults data
 file extension colrKaleidoscope scheme
 file extension ti1Tabula binary settings and initialization
 file extension sdeMediaMonkey equalizer presets
 file extension wdnAutoCAD Electrical project-related data
 file extension pfICC profile
 file extension 4zxGenero zoom module settings
wpj file icon file extension wpjMicrosoft Works wizard data
 file extension emeraldEmerald Window Decorator theme
 file extension developerprofileApple Xcode developer profile
 file extension drmmetaAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming DRM additional header
 file extension colourschemeJ&ASoft Speedy Browser color scheme settings
 file extension dxuDivX Player playlist
vcw file icon file extension vcwMicrosoft Visual C++ workbench data
 file extension etffEncrypt4all theme
 file extension q2Winamp auto-load preset
 file extension brushcategoryCorel Painter brush category data
 file extension configureBash data
 file extension pbfGoogle Picasa button data
 file extension cnmNoteMap outline file
 file extension mp3skinMp3skin skin
 file extension 4mtMacroToolbar macro
 file extension substvarTIBCO substitution variable data

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