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File extensions used for audio and sound file types.

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s file icon file extension sAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 sample
 file extension ajzArchos Jukebox Recorder firmware update
 file extension ftiFamiTracker instrument
 file extension bgpAudio data
 file extension hvlCommodore Amiga HivelyTracker audio module
 file extension oxmOgg compressed xm data
 file extension w04Yamaha cattle audio sample
 file extension w05Yamaha horse audio sample
 file extension rsnPropellerhead Reason audio data
g726-3 file icon file extension g726-3G726-3 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 3-bit ADPCM sound format
 file extension n3aPanasonic security camera recorded audio
 file extension vstVST audio plug-in
lam file icon file extension lamNetscape Media Player streaming audio metafile
npf file icon file extension npfNero SoundTrax project
 file extension rtaIBM Voice Type languages vocabulary
 file extension x0vYamaha Motif audio
 file extension e2evKorg Electribe event recorder pattern
 file extension htkHidden Markov Model Toolkit speech recognition data
 file extension ntwNoteworthy Composer song file
 file extension w10Yamaha SY audio sample
 file extension uvoSanyo Katana DLX voice memo file
 file extension ca3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard audio data
 file extension mu3Harmony Assistant user instruments
toc file icon file extension tocSony Playstation Portable sound file
 file extension ls3Band-in-a-Box style file
 file extension vwdCubig digital recorder sound
 file extension tjsTRACKJOY song
 file extension mptmOpenMPT module
 file extension draDragon NaturallySpeaking voice
s file icon file extension sAKAI S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 sample
 file extension gymSega Genesis music logged data
 file extension bnkSpotify playlist
vox-6k file icon file extension vox-6kDialogic 4-bit ADPCM audio
 file extension avvAvid Media Composer volume bin data
 file extension musSCORE Music publishing system music notation
 file extension w08Yamaha goat audio sample
 file extension omxOtsAV media library information
auf file icon file extension aufAudacity block file
 file extension dmaDMOD audio data
 file extension dp3Digital Performer project
 file extension vosVirtual Orchestra Studio song database file
kft file icon file extension kftKorg T-series wave data
 file extension mkwCompressed audio
 file extension pgoPapagayo data
 file extension ahxWinAHX tracker module
 file extension mm8MusicMaker V8 audio file
 file extension ftmFamiTracker song
 file extension mxmfMobile XMF format
 file extension usrDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension jcpJesusonic preset
 file extension amsprojAshampoo Music Studio project
 file extension mpg3MP3 audio file for Mac
 file extension paalpyro Audio Creator audio layout file
wfb file icon file extension wfbTurtle Beach WaveFront bank
 file extension zgrBeatCreator audio loop
 file extension nprNuendo file
 file extension ptxPro Tools session
rnx file icon file extension rnxRealPlayer audio or settings
 file extension wwuWwise work unit data
 file extension nabsNative Instruments Absynth sound data
 file extension kt3Battery 3 drum kit file format
k26 file icon file extension k26Kurzweil 2600 sample
 file extension miaMusicIndiaOnline Trident Player music
 file extension m5pMachFive audio
 file extension fredFredEditor sound data
 file extension etmeTreppid audio file
 file extension abkNeed for Speed Underground audio data
G723-3 file icon file extension G723-3Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 3-bit ADPCM sound
xsm file icon file extension xsmeXtra Simple Music file
 file extension w4aAudio data
wm file icon file extension wmWindows Media audio or video data
 file extension s7Sibelius music notation
 file extension djmusicDigital Juice music data
f64 file icon file extension f64Floating point raw 64-bit IEEE data
 file extension audioGame sounds or other audio data
 file extension scs11Show Cue System cue file
miz file icon file extension mizWinamp compressed midi audio
 file extension katKatorzer music composition
 file extension dmcFamiTracker DPCM sample
a52 file icon file extension a52Multichanel audio
 file extension dsmDigital sound module
rmm file icon file extension rmmRealMedia metafile format
 file extension ariaxChipsounds XML audio data
 file extension dawCubase recording data
k25 file icon file extension k25Kurzweil 2500 sample
iff file icon file extension iffAmiga Interchange File format
 file extension hrtHornet Packer format
 file extension skmSSEYO Koan data
 file extension peakSteinberg Cubase peak data
 file extension obwToontrack Superior Drummer audio
 file extension lmeLegglessMusicEditor sound
au file icon file extension auAudacity audio block
efv file icon file extension efvEnsoniq VFX-SD instrument
 file extension bfCryo Interactive game data
o01 file icon file extension o01Typhoon voice
 file extension mcfMCF Media Container file
 file extension mg9Band-in-a-Box song
 file extension itlsApple iTunes live stream
 file extension krisKris tracker audio data
 file extension a3kYamaha A3000 sampler data
 file extension mbjEffectGear data
 file extension mpyRCA Lyra MP3 player data
 file extension rkaRK Audio compressed data
 file extension mt9Music 2.0 song
dts file icon file extension dtsDigital Surround audio file format
out file icon file extension outRoland S-7xx and S-5xx series floppy image
 file extension br48BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension dcmSound
psm file icon file extension psmProtracker Studio module (sound)
 file extension s2aYamaha media data
 file extension afsAlesis Fusion audio
xad file icon file extension xadeXotic ADlib sound format
 file extension aonArtOfNoise Amiga audio data
 file extension pyaMicrosoft PlayReady DRM audio data
sbi file icon file extension sbiCreative labs Sound Blaster instrument
 file extension sj_SuperJAM audio data
 file extension wvcWavPack correction data
 file extension phrMRS-802 phrase audio data (Stereo Right Channel)
da file icon file extension daSony PlayStation CD-DA format
 file extension rbsRebirth song file
 file extension mwavExtended WAV data
 file extension wa8Audio data
m2a file icon file extension m2aMPEG-2 audio
 file extension p16ProTracker Studio audio
 file extension smpxFinale accompaniment data
psf file icon file extension psfSony Playstation sound format
pac file icon file extension pacSB Studio II package
gkh file icon file extension gkhEnsoniq EPS family disk floppy file
fzv file icon file extension fzvCasio FZ-1 voice dump file
 file extension arpx8Techno Toys Arp-X8 MIDI arpeggiator data
 file extension nmxTraktor mix data
 file extension zelZel MIDI source file
 file extension exbCreative Emulator X audio
ptm file icon file extension ptmPoly Tracker module
 file extension takMAGIX Music Maker audio sample
 file extension atracSony ATRAC audio
 file extension ringRingtone
 file extension rmsRealMedia secure media file format
 file extension btabBase Guitar Tablature data
 file extension wowGrave Composer module
 file extension eopEveryonePiano music score
ais file icon file extension aisVelvet Studio instrument
sa2 file icon file extension sa2Suprise! adlib tracker music module
 file extension ma1Monarch audio data
 file extension bunCakeWalk audio bundle file
 file extension dctNCH Software dictation codec file
 file extension mp3promp3PRO audio data
 file extension drxDaVinci Resolve eXchange data
wa! file icon file extension wa!GigaStudio/GigaSampler compressed wave data
 file extension bmtpBome's Midi Translator project
 file extension gioNyquist midi test file
 file extension vqlTwinVQ audio format
 file extension dfcDefractor instrument
aifr file icon file extension aifrAudio Interchange File Format
 file extension mtsMadTracker sample file
 file extension mmsMiles Sound Tools file
 file extension w3eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor file
 file extension m22Farallon's MacRecorder recording file
 file extension lpcmMovie Maker audio
 file extension sfilMacintosh System Sound file
w2a file icon file extension w2aYamaha Motif 'all' format
f2r file icon file extension f2rFarandole linear module format
 file extension l6tLine 6 GearBox tone
 file extension dabDigital Audio Broadcasting audio data
 file extension mdxX68000 midi data
 file extension mpuMPEG Layer 3 audio
pcg file icon file extension pcgKorg Triton audio bank
mp4b file icon file extension mp4bMPEG-4 Audio Layer bookmarkable data
dfm file icon file extension dfmDigital-FM file
 file extension kxlkX DSP effects library
 file extension allSteinberg Cubase song
 file extension ct3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard users tones
ub file icon file extension ub8-bit Unsigned byte RAW data
 file extension s3zAmiga and PC Tracker module
 file extension azxZX Audio file format
 file extension ptxtPro Tools template
 file extension br31BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension cmxQualcomm CMX ringtone
 file extension msaMemory Stick Audio file format
 file extension tsiTSplayer data
 file extension jamLine 6 Spider Jam audio
 file extension brsarAudio data
 file extension dffDirect Stream Digital Interchange File Format
 file extension addocAudioDesk project
 file extension j8eArturia Jupiter-8V bank
 file extension tfxTFMX audio file
 file extension txwYamaha TX-16W wave data
 file extension chkTomTom Navigator voice data
 file extension amfDSMI/Asylum module music data
efk file icon file extension efkEnsoniq KT instrument
far file icon file extension farFarandole Composer music module
w2v file icon file extension w2vYamaha Motif 'voices' format
 file extension st3Star 3 MIDI karaoke data
 file extension rfmRich music format
 file extension xwcStarbreeze sound data
 file extension w09Yamaha sea-lion audio sample
 file extension ecwEnsoniq waveset format
 file extension rsdRoland sound
 file extension s2bYamaha custom RAM voice data
 file extension xrnsExtended Renoise song
 file extension repatchReason DCAM EnvShaper effect preset
 file extension nsfeNintendo NES audio file with enhanced tags
g726-2 file icon file extension g726-2G726-2 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 2-bit ADPCM sound
 file extension slyLilypond guitar data
 file extension astAudio stream
 file extension sgpAcoustica MP3 Audio Mixer data
 file extension psPaul Shields song file
 file extension tm8TMC audio file
 file extension ewiPlay instrument
 file extension q1aQSI Q1A sound
 file extension mdcMidiCo karaoke audio
 file extension ktpCakewalk Kinetic project template
 file extension narrativeMariner Software Narrator audio document
 file extension 2sflibNintendo DS audio library
 file extension sndhAtari ST audio data
 file extension ofrOptimFROG encoded audio
 file extension ps16Protracker Studio 16 audio data
 file extension w9eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor voice
 file extension mkIIMark2 SoundSystem audio data
ppcx file icon file extension ppcxAdobe Presenter audio
 file extension iaaINTUS audio file
 file extension sfkModem Spy sound
w8v file icon file extension w8vYamaha Motif ES sample data
w2w file icon file extension w2wYamaha Motif waveforms format
 file extension fxmFuxoft AY audio format
 file extension m5mMachFive audio
 file extension a2bA2B Player playlist
tvd file icon file extension tvdYamaha custom drum voice
mp2 file icon file extension mp2MPEG-1 Layer II audio stream
 file extension tm2TMC audio file
 file extension pch2Nord Modular G2 patch
 file extension s98NEC PC-98 audio data
 file extension exlKorg X3 song
 file extension twvVCM-ROM Linker voice data
mus10 file icon file extension mus10Audio data
 file extension sabALSong album
prg file icon file extension prgWAVmaker program
umx file icon file extension umxUnreal Engine music package
 file extension br3BMW iDrive multimedia data
emb file icon file extension embABT extended module
 file extension 8cmTriton FastTracker 8 channel music module
 file extension wyzWYZTracker song
 file extension capCapella music sheet data
 file extension ssfSega Saturn audio data
nsa file icon file extension nsaNullsoft Winamp streaming audio
 file extension dwDavid Whittaker audio format
tta file icon file extension ttaTTA Lossless audio codec
pbf file icon file extension pbfTurtle Beach Pinnacle sound bank
 file extension mg1MusiGenesis project
 file extension br32BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension wwvWildTangent branded WAV audio
 file extension albRaduga music playlist
efs file icon file extension efsEnsoniq SQ80 data
vb file icon file extension vbSony Playstation wave bank body format
 file extension miniusfNintendo 64 song file
bwg file icon file extension bwgBrainWave Generator data
 file extension ymAY-3-8910 audio data
 file extension xizZynAddSubFX audio instrument
 file extension xsmliRomplerMap audio
 file extension muiHarmony Assistant instrument data
 file extension arrSteinberg Cubase arrangement data
 file extension fc14FutureComposer audio data
 file extension syxYamaha voice SysEx dumps
 file extension lblDaqarta extended audio data
psb file icon file extension psbPinnacle sound bank
 file extension omfiOpen Media Framework data
 file extension em2Emax II sound bank
a2m file icon file extension a2mAdLib Tracker II audio
 file extension sfxSoundFX audio
 file extension ensREAKTOR ensemble data
 file extension tfeTFM Music Maker music
bcs file icon file extension bcsYamaha audio basic style
 file extension spcNintendo SNES audio data
 file extension vgzVideo Game Music compressed data
m1a file icon file extension m1aApple QuickTime MPEG-1/2 audio data
paf file icon file extension pafEnsoniq PARIS audio format
 file extension ismaMicrosoft Internet Information Services audio stream
map file icon file extension mapNative Instruments Reaktor wavetable data
 file extension trkMixman Studio track file
loop file icon file extension loopApple Soundtrack Pro data
smd file icon file extension smdJ-Phone, SmdEd mobile song
 file extension mscMuseScore music score
 file extension modAudio module
 file extension relNokia audio data
 file extension vipSamplitude project file
pgm file icon file extension pgmAKAI MPC drum set data
 file extension hcoMacintosh sound resource fork
 file extension rgtrackRealStrat song
 file extension mgtGuitar Guru song
 file extension omgOpenMG Jukebox audio file
 file extension alpAbleton Live audio pack
 file extension pmdPhone polyphonic ringtone
ma2.mmf file icon file extension ma2.mmfSMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
 file extension jjcCanvas compressed audio
pst file icon file extension pstYamaha pianist (solo piano) style
udw file icon file extension udwRaw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) data
 file extension mlpMeridian lossless packing audio
 file extension ftmFinale template
 file extension afsSega Dreamcast compressed audio
fzb file icon file extension fzbCasio FZ-1 bank dump
 file extension hitHitPlayer audio
 file extension smStepMania song
 file extension etwMagicSing audio file
 file extension lm4Steinberg VST sample
f4a file icon file extension f4aAdobe Flash MP4 audio stream
 file extension vtxVortex Tracker audio data
 file extension smpSmartMusic performance data
 file extension sngDeskMate song
 file extension dqaDaqarta extended WAV data
 file extension etveTreppid audio data
hcom file icon file extension hcomSound tools HCOM audio file
 file extension kt2Battery 2 drum kit file format
 file extension wsqUTAU data
ult file icon file extension ultUltratracker music module
amd file icon file extension amdAMUSIC AdLib Tracker data
mti file icon file extension mtiMadTracker 2 instrument data
 file extension hesTurboGrafx-16 audio
 file extension seqPower Tracks Pro music sequencer data
f4b file icon file extension f4bAdobe Flash MP4 audio eBook file
ulw file icon file extension ulwRaw CCITT/ITU G.711 US telephony audio
 file extension at3Sony ATRAC3 audio
 file extension e4bEOS bank
 file extension thxAmiga THX tracker music
dewf file icon file extension dewfSoundCap, SoundEdit recorded instrument
 file extension evoEVO recorded data
 file extension evrcEnhanced Variable Rate Codec audio file
 file extension mwandApple GarageBand MagicMentor tepmplate
 file extension ftmxFinale score template
 file extension vc3VSampler soundbank file
vic file icon file extension vicYamaha PSR-9000 custom voice
ppf file icon file extension ppfTurtle Beach Pinnacle program
bn4 file icon file extension bn4Yamaha DX100 voice
 file extension minigsfGame Boy Advance music data
 file extension wpdSAW sound processing data
 file extension w7eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor file
ima4 file icon file extension ima4Apple QuickTime IMA4 encoded audio
 file extension myvVivaldi Studio score file
 file extension wwfWWF Rant Pakk sound file
 file extension rmfBeatnik rich music format
 file extension imwIncrediMail sound data
mdl file icon file extension mdlDigitalTracker/DigiTrakker music module
 file extension mp3urlMP3 songs playlist
wusiksnd file icon file extension wusiksndWusik Station multisampled sound
mmf file icon file extension mmfSynthetic music mobile application format
 file extension plstSmartMusic playlist
 file extension ro3ReadOut 3 voiced document
 file extension mfMoonFish track data
 file extension eseqYamaha E-SEQ data
msc file icon file extension mscAdLib MSCplay data
awb file icon file extension awbAdaptive multi-rate wideband ACELP codec audio
 file extension groAllegro MIDI music
??? file icon file extension ???Yamaha A3000 sample
 file extension mxc2MAGIX Music Maker cache
 file extension valOlympus voice recording VAL data
wand file icon file extension wandApple GarageBand project
 file extension dmsaRoxio Music Disc Creator project file
ase file icon file extension aseVelvet Studio sample
 file extension spsStoneTracker audio
 file extension sc68Atari ST and Amiga audio format
 file extension lthmbAdobe Presenter audio thumbnail
 file extension evzEVO compressed record file
 file extension cptCasio song pattern
 file extension pcaSonic Foundry perfect clarity audio
 file extension scoCsound file
 file extension sopNOTE song
 file extension ovwCubase WAV audio data
 file extension wave64Sony Wave64 audio data
 file extension lSound Designer II audio data
 file extension osbSega Dreamcast sound
hsp file icon file extension hspHSC composer packed by Number Six audio data
 file extension dmDeltaMusic audio data
 file extension ttxTabTrax tab data
osp file icon file extension ospOrion Sampler audio data
 file extension iafQuikscribe intelligent audio
 file extension mdiMIDI sound
 file extension plmPanasonic SD voice editor audio data
mtk file icon file extension mtkMPU-401 Trakker audio data
 file extension mzpMOZART percussion data
 file extension m2mTiMidity++ M2M settings file
 file extension cksCricket Audio stream
f32 file icon file extension f32Floating point raw 32-bit IEEE data
 file extension sfwSound Forge XP studio project
 file extension sfsOrion audio data
 file extension psf2Sony PlayStation 2 audio data
 file extension dsfDirect Stream Digital Interchange File Format
 file extension joyTrackjoy sound file
 file extension ctsCrazyTalk audio data
 file extension x6vYamaha Motif audio
 file extension fsproFMOD Studio project
 file extension olvOnLive! Traveler sound data
 file extension ptcopPxTone music data
 file extension mcpWaveZIP lossless compressed audio
 file extension wusWUTG tagged audio data
efx file icon file extension efxEnsoniq instrument data
 file extension motMotorola JADE ringtone
 file extension df2Defractor 2 instrument audio
 file extension nfd_audioNero NFD Audio data
 file extension vrfVentrilo audio recording data
mtm file icon file extension mtmMultiTracker music module
 file extension sdfAudio data
syw file icon file extension sywYamaha SY-85/SY-99 wave data
 file extension 6cmTriton FastTracker 6 channel music module
 file extension mdlASTi Model Builder data
 file extension brstmNintendo audio data
 file extension mwsIBM MWave DSP synth instrument extract data
bjo file icon file extension bjoInstrument tablature
adl file icon file extension adlWestwood ADL file format
 file extension kozBell music
 file extension sc4NOMAD mp3 Manager voice audio
rmi file icon file extension rmiMIDI-sequention music (RIFF RMID format)
 file extension umxU-MYX Player song mix data
 file extension cswCompressed square wave
 file extension qsdQuickScore Elite music score
fnk file icon file extension fnkFunkTracker module file
uw file icon file extension uwUnsigned word (16-bit) music
cod file icon file extension cod3GPP AMR interface format 2 audio data
mus file icon file extension musMusifile MPEG Layer II audio stream
 file extension crvDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension fp3Fisher Price FP3 Player music data
 file extension voxExpress Scribe dictation
mus file icon file extension musSony PlayStation 2 music data
 file extension sapAtari XL/XE audio data
asnd file icon file extension asndAdobe Soundbooth sound document
 file extension dssDigital Soup sound
 file extension d01Ganbatte! for Winamp OPL2 FM audio data
 file extension w6eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor voice data
 file extension kssMicrosoft MSX audio
 file extension mseBwsb120a Demo file
 file extension rkrRakarrack data
txt file icon file extension txtSteinberg LM-4 sound bank
 file extension r3aRS7000 sample data
 file extension empeMusic file format
 file extension pstMIDI Studio preset
 file extension absMPEG audio sound
 file extension hipHippel audio data
 file extension rcyReCycle audio loop
 file extension rtiReal Tracker instrument
 file extension vmdCovox raw sample
sat file icon file extension satSurprise! Adlib tracker data
it file icon file extension itImpulse Tracker music module
 file extension stxScream Tracker music interface kit
 file extension jcbCB-JCBrooke song module
r3p file icon file extension r3pYamaha RS7000 data
 file extension acpaacPlus audio data
 file extension rtaTrueRTA audio project file
 file extension cmsCasio electronic keyboard song sequence
nwf file icon file extension nwfNero WaveEditor project
 file extension wavcSpecial ACM audio data
uwf file icon file extension uwfUltraTracker WaveSample music
 file extension mdMuseData music notation
mad file icon file extension madMlat Adlib Tracker audio
smaf file icon file extension smafSMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
 file extension spjDigitrax sound project
 file extension orsDSP Group TrueSpeech Audio format
 file extension mdtDigital sheet music (RIFF)
rif file icon file extension rifRockwell ADPCM format
eragesoundset file icon file extension eragesoundsetMicrosoft Entourage sound file
 file extension so3Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio MP3 sound file
 file extension srtSiemens C60 mobile phone sound
 file extension lwvMicrosoft linguistically enhanced sound file
g721 file icon file extension g721Raw CCITT/ITU G.721 4-bit ADPCM sound format
nsv file icon file extension nsvNullsoft Winamp video
 file extension synSynthesis audio
 file extension ivcInterVoice audio data
 file extension axaAnnodex digital media format
maud file icon file extension maudAmiga MAUD sound
mmf file icon file extension mmfSMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
 file extension celpCELP Code Excited Linear Predictor sound
 file extension bbzBitblaze audio
w7w file icon file extension w7wYamaha Motif ES waveforms
 file extension plePhone2PC sound
 file extension orgSound Blaster Pro organ audio
 file extension drgI-Doser audio drug
 file extension eptCasio WK-1800 converted pattern
 file extension 8svxAmiga 8-bit sound
 file extension fc13FutureComposer audio
 file extension souScummVM sound data
 file extension b3pNative Instruments Battery preset
 file extension dbDIGIBooster module
 file extension atnDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension etfEnigma Transportable Format
 file extension sdiiSound Designer 2 audio
ars file icon file extension arsCorel WordPerfect Office audio
 file extension alA-Law compressed sound
 file extension lpcLPC-10 encoded audio
 file extension ntnNOTION song
out file icon file extension outAtari Jaguar parsed MIDI audio
 file extension ustUTAU sequence file
 file extension wvePsion 8-bit A-law audio
 file extension imsMusic data
emy file icon file extension emyEMelody Ericsson mobile ring tone
vox-8k file icon file extension vox-8kDialogic 4-bit ADPCM audio
 file extension kozAudiokoz music
 file extension xszZynAddSubFX standalone scale data
 file extension alcAbleton Live clip
 file extension lqtLiquid Audio Liquid Digital Media music file format
 file extension zvdZyxel Voicefile (Z-Fax)
 file extension monManiacs Of Noise audio
 file extension spmStoneTracker audio data
imelody file icon file extension imelodyiMelody mobile phone ring-tone format

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