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Found 465 file extension associations related to Microsoft Windows and 402 file formats developed specifically for use with Microsoft Windows.

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Microsoft Corporation logoMicrosoft Windows

Developer / company: Microsoft

Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems by Microsoft. They can run on several types of platforms such as servers, embedded devices and, most typically, on personal computers. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows in November 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS in response to the growing trend of graphical user interfaces (GUI) popularized by the Macintosh. Microsoft Windows eventually came to dominate the world's personal computer market.

Microsoft Windows operating systems include desktop editions like the new Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.11 and older.

There are also server editions like Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT Server etc.

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Microsoft Windows pictureMicrosoft Windows works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Microsoft Windows default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

ani file icon.ani file extension is used for Animated cursor

application file icon.application file extension is used for ClickOnce deployment manifest

bat file icon.bat file extension is used for Batch file (executable)

bkf file icon.bkf file extension is used for Microsoft backup

blf file icon.blf file extension is used for Microsoft Windows registry data file

cab file icon.cab file extension is used for Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive

chm file icon.chm file extension is used for Microsoft compiled HTML help module

cnf file icon.cnf file extension is used for Network configuration data

cnt file icon.cnt file extension is used for Help Contents data

cpl file icon.cpl file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Control Panel data

dic file icon.dic file extension is used for Dictionary

dll file icon.dll file extension is used for Dynamic Link Library

drv file icon.drv file extension is used for Microsoft Windows device driver

dump file icon.dump file extension is used for Dump data

exe file icon.exe file extension is used for Program executable

inf file icon.inf file extension is used for Windows installation script

ini file icon.ini file extension is used for Text configuration data

inv file icon.inv file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Update data

lnk file icon.lnk file extension is used for Windows Shortcut

msi file icon.msi file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Installer installation package

msu file icon.msu file extension is used for Microsoft Update Standalone Package

mswmm file icon.mswmm file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Movie Maker project

mui file icon.mui file extension is used for MultiLanguage Windows resource data

ocx file icon.ocx file extension is used for ActiveX Control

old file icon.old file extension is used for Backup archive

pfx file icon.pfx file extension is used for Certificate

reg file icon.reg file extension is used for Windows registry data

scr file icon.scr file extension is used for MS Windows screensaver

shs file icon.shs file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Object

swp file icon.swp file extension is used for Swap file

sys file icon.sys file extension is used for System file

theme file icon.theme file extension is used for Windows desktop theme

thm file icon.thm file extension is used for Thumbnail bitmap image

tmp file icon.tmp file extension is used for Temporary data

vhd file icon.vhd file extension is used for Virtual Hard Disk file

vxd file icon.vxd file extension is used for Microsoft Windows virtual device driver

wbcat file icon.wbcat file extension is used for Microsoft Windows backup information

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Microsoft Windows

!@! file icon.!@!### file icon.###--- file icon.---000 file icon.000000 file icon.0001092 file icon.109212a file icon.12a1pa file icon.1pa2gr file icon.2graas file icon.aasacw file icon.acwadm file icon.admadml file icon.admlam file icon.amamc file icon.amcap0 file icon.ap0apm file icon.apmappref-ms file icon.appref-msapref-ms file icon.apref-msawp file icon.awpba_ file icon.ba_bcs file icon.bcsbfc file icon.bfcbk1 file icon.bk1bk2 file icon.bk2blg file icon.blgbmc file icon.bmcbmk file icon.bmkbtwsendto file icon.btwsendtoca file icon.cacachedump file icon.cachedumpcamp file icon.campcat file icon.catca_ file icon.ca_cb file icon.cbccc file icon.ccccdmp file icon.cdmpchg file icon.chgchi file icon.chichl file icon.chlchq file icon.chqchs file icon.chscht file icon.chtchw file icon.chwci file icon.ciclg file icon.clgclp file icon.clpcmd file icon.cmdcmp file icon.cmpcnm file icon.cnmcol file icon.colcontacts file icon.contactscpe file icon.cpecrd file icon.crdcrds file icon.crdscrmlog file icon.crmlogcrwl file icon.crwlctl file icon.ctlcub file icon.cubcue file icon.cuecur file icon.curcustomdestinations-ms file icon.customdestinations-mscu_ file icon.cu_da1 file icon.da1dat_tureg_old file icon.dat_tureg_olddb file icon.dbdde file icon.ddeddf file icon.ddfdep file icon.depdesklink file icon.desklinkdev file icon.devdevicemanifest-ms file icon.devicemanifest-msdiag file icon.diagdiagcab file icon.diagcabdiagcfg file icon.diagcfgdiagpkg file icon.diagpkgdir file icon.dirdl file icon.dldlg file icon.dlgdll_1029 file icon.dll_1029dlm file icon.dlmdlm file icon.dlmdl_ file icon.dl_dmf file icon.dmfdnb file icon.dnbdos file icon.dosdpb file icon.dpbdth file icon.dthdti file icon.dtidtj file icon.dtjdun file icon.dundup file icon.dupeappx file icon.eappxeappxbundle file icon.eappxbundleecw file icon.ecwedb file icon.edbefi file icon.efiefs file icon.efsenw file icon.enwer_ file icon.er_euf file icon.eufevm file icon.evmfdr file icon.fdrfgdump-log file icon.fgdump-logfid file icon.fidfile file icon.filefnd file icon.fndfnt file icon.fntfolder file icon.folderftg file icon.ftgfts file icon.ftsful file icon.fulfx file icon.fxfx file icon.fxgid file icon.gidgmmp file icon.gmmpgpd file icon.gpdgrl file icon.grlgrm file icon.grmgrp file icon.grph1d file icon.h1dh1s file icon.h1sh1w file icon.h1whckx file icon.hckxhdmp file icon.hdmphds file icon.hdshhc file icon.hhchhp file icon.hhphht file icon.hhthlp file icon.hlpholdemsave-ms file icon.holdemsave-mshpc file icon.hpchti file icon.htihtt file icon.htthtw file icon.htwhx1 file icon.hx1hxd file icon.hxdhxf file icon.hxfhxh file icon.hxhhxt file icon.hxthxw file icon.hxwicd file icon.icdicl file icon.iclicm file icon.icmicx file icon.icxidentifier file icon.identifierimd file icon.imdime file icon.imeinc file icon.incind file icon.indind file icon.indinf file icon.infinf_loc file icon.inf_locins file icon.insin_ file icon.in_ipi file icon.ipiisc file icon.iscjob file icon.jobjod file icon.jodjqx file icon.jqxjrs file icon.jrskbd file icon.kbdkdmp file icon.kdmplck file icon.lcklex file icon.lexlg1 file icon.lg1lg2 file icon.lg2lga file icon.lgalgc file icon.lgclgd file icon.lgdlgf file icon.lgflgg file icon.lgglgh file icon.lghlgi file icon.lgilgk file icon.lgklgn file icon.lgnlgp file icon.lgplgq file icon.lgqlgr file icon.lgrlgs file icon.lgslgx file icon.lgxlgz file icon.lgzlls file icon.llslm file icon.lmlog1 file icon.log1log2 file icon.log2ls1 file icon.ls1m13 file icon.m13m14 file icon.m14mai file icon.maimailhost file icon.mailhostmanifest file icon.manifestmaz file icon.mazmc file icon.mcmci file icon.mcimcml file icon.mcmlmdmp file icon.mdmpmet file icon.metmfi file icon.mfimft file icon.mftmgc file icon.mgcmig file icon.migmigrated file icon.migratedmigtable file icon.migtablemm4 file icon.mm4mob file icon.mobmod file icon.modmod file icon.modmof file icon.mofmpv2 file icon.mpv2mq file icon.mqms-windows-store-license file icon.ms-windows-store-licensemsc file icon.mscmsd file icon.msdmsdm file icon.msdmmsixbundle file icon.msixbundlemsn file icon.msnmsnbak file icon.msnbakmso file icon.msomsp file icon.mspmsrcincident file icon.msrcincidentmsstyles file icon.msstylesmst file icon.mstmst file icon.mstms_ file icon.ms_muimanifest file icon.muimanifestmum file icon.mummva file icon.mvamvb file icon.mvbmxf file icon.mxfmydocs file icon.mydocsnfo file icon.nfongr file icon.ngrnls file icon.nlsnt file icon.ntntf file icon.ntfoc_ file icon.oc_oem file icon.oemole file icon.oleonepkg_1033 file icon.onepkg_1033osc file icon.oscp5x file icon.p5xp7c file icon.p7cpbi file icon.pbipbk file icon.pbkpbo file icon.pbopbt file icon.pbtpcf file icon.pcfpci file icon.pcipdr file icon.pdrpe file icon.peperfmoncfg file icon.perfmoncfgpfm file icon.pfmph file icon.phpi$ file icon.pi$pif file icon.pifplt file icon.pltpma file icon.pmapmr file icon.pmrpnf file icon.pnfpol file icon.polpow file icon.powppkg file icon.ppkgprf file icon.prfprf file icon.prfpropdesc file icon.propdescprt file icon.prtprt file icon.prtps1 file icon.ps1ps2xml file icon.ps2xmlpsd1 file icon.psd1psm1 file icon.psm1ptxml file icon.ptxmlpwdump file icon.pwdumppwl file icon.pwlpys file icon.pysqic file icon.qicrat file icon.ratrbf file icon.rbfrbk file icon.rbkregtrans-ms file icon.regtrans-msreloc file icon.relocresmoncfg file icon.resmoncfgresp file icon.resprestorelist file icon.restorelistrmd file icon.rmdrnk file icon.rnkrs file icon.rsrsp file icon.rsprvp file icon.rvprwm file icon.rwmrx file icon.rxscf file icon.scfscp file icon.scpscr file icon.scrsct file icon.sctsdb file icon.sdbsdb file icon.sdbsdi file icon.sdised file icon.sedset file icon.setsf0 file icon.sf0sfc file icon.sfcshb file icon.shbshd file icon.shdshs file icon.shsslupkg-ms file icon.slupkg-mssnt file icon.sntspl file icon.splsqm file icon.sqmstate file icon.statestr file icon.strswf file icon.swfswidtag file icon.swidtagsym file icon.symtha file icon.thathe file icon.thethem file icon.themthme file icon.thmetinf file icon.tinftip file icon.tiptlb file icon.tlbtmc file icon.tmctpi file icon.tpitsc file icon.tsctsk file icon.tsktsp file icon.tsptte file icon.ttetx_ file icon.tx_udl file icon.udlv4e file icon.v4ev4s file icon.v4svdx file icon.vdxvh file icon.vhvtd file icon.vtdw40 file icon.w40w95 file icon.w95w98 file icon.w98wab file icon.wabwcx file icon.wcxwdf file icon.wdfwebpnp file icon.webpnpwer file icon.werwfs file icon.wfswim file icon.wimwimp file icon.wimpwin file icon.winwmp file icon.wmpws file icon.wswsc file icon.wscwsf file icon.wsfwsh file icon.wshwsp file icon.wspwss file icon.wssxrm-ms file icon.xrm-mszap file icon.zapzrs file icon.zrszrs file icon.zrs_dl file icon._dl_vti_bin file icon._vti_bin~~c file icon.~~c~~d file icon.~~d~~f file icon.~~f~~g file icon.~~g~~m file icon.~~m

Common file extensions used by Microsoft Windows

ani file icon.aniapplication file icon.applicationbat file icon.batbin file icon.binbkf file icon.bkfblf file icon.blfcab file icon.cabchm file icon.chmcnf file icon.cnfcnt file icon.cntcom file icon.comcpl file icon.cpldat file icon.datdic file icon.dicdll file icon.dlldmp file icon.dmpdrv file icon.drvdump file icon.dumpemz file icon.emzexe file icon.exeinf file icon.infini file icon.iniinv file icon.invjs file icon.jslnk file icon.lnklog file icon.logmsi file icon.msimsix file icon.msixmsu file icon.msumswmm file icon.mswmmmui file icon.muiocx file icon.ocxold file icon.oldotf file icon.otfpartial file icon.partialpfx file icon.pfxprn file icon.prnreg file icon.regscr file icon.scrshs file icon.shsswp file icon.swpsys file icon.systheme file icon.themethm file icon.thmtmp file icon.tmpttc file icon.ttcttf file icon.ttfvbs file icon.vbsvcf file icon.vcfvhd file icon.vhdvhdx file icon.vhdxvxd file icon.vxdwbcat file icon.wbcatxps file icon.xpszip file icon.zip

Other file extensions associated with Microsoft Windows

adtg file icon.adtgalx file icon.alxasp file icon.aspas_ file icon.as_cdf file icon.cdfchk file icon.chkd3d file icon.d3ddfl file icon.dfldir00 file icon.dir00dpk file icon.dpkdtl file icon.dtlemsixbundle file icon.emsixbundleeprtx file icon.eprtxex_ file icon.ex_fon file icon.fonhhk file icon.hhkhmsd file icon.hmsdhta file icon.htaidf file icon.idfisp file icon.ispits file icon.itsjse file icon.jsemds file icon.mdsnip file icon.nipp10 file icon.p10p7b file icon.p7bp7r file icon.p7rpal file icon.palpano file icon.panopatchcache file icon.patchcachepls file icon.plsps1xml file icon.ps1xmlps2 file icon.ps2psc1 file icon.psc1psc2 file icon.psc2rdp file icon.rdpsymlink file icon.symlinkt2 file icon.t2vbe file icon.vbevga file icon.vgawtl file icon.wtlx86 file icon.x86xdr file icon.xdrxoml file icon.xoml_p file icon._p

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